undefined 1st. National Education Policy 2020 has brought new hopes and enthusiasm for the Human Resource Development sectors in the corporate houses as well as in the academic and R&D. The curriculum will have to be redesigned. Curriculum Vitae 1. Quick Links. Aeromodelling Lab; Computer Lab; Boeing Scholarship Program ; Top Journal and Conferences; Previous Years Papers; Internship Opportunities; B.Tech / M.Tech Thesis Formats; Contact. FOOD ENGG.FARM MACHINERY AND POWER(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), AGR. MANUF.SCIENCE AND ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), ELECT.ENGG. Provide solutions . More News. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGG. ENGG.MAN. TRANSPORTATION ENGG. FOOD ENGG.FOOD PROCESS ENGG. • FARM MACHINERY AND POWER. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), ELECT.ENGG. or. ), BIOTECH. (B.TECH 4Y) • AGR.FOOD ENGG.FOOD PROCESS ENGG. See more of IIT Kgp Fundae - anonymously on Facebook. Micro-Specialization- In order to provide opportunity for a larger section of our highly talented students to take up niche specializations from other / interdisciplinary programmes, IIT Kharagpur runs Micro-Specializations. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur or IIT KGP) is a public technical and research university established by the government of India in 1951. ENGG. LAND AND WATER RESOURCES ENGG. IIT Kharagpur ranked 32nd position among the most productive and influential institutions in "Safety Science" across the world. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), CIVIL ENGG. DUAL DEGREE IN AVAILABE SPL. IEEE at IIT KGP; Visitors' Help; Contact Prof. Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay Head, Department of Electrical Engineering Phone: +91 -3222-282262 Email: hod@ee.iitkgp.ac.in. The curriculum served as the model for the other programs in Biotechnology, added later in the country. COMM.ENGG. Define your curriculum. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), INDU. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), AGR. Literatures in English (HS70007) At BITS Pilani, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences 1. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y) • AGR.FOOD ENGG.FARM MACHINERY AND POWER(M.TECH DUAL 5Y) Offers under-graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programs in Engineering. EMAIL ADDRESS : deb.kgp@gmail.com deb@iitkgp.ac.in deb@mining.iitkgp.ernet.in 5. SCI AND ENGG.IND. MECH.SYSTEMS DESIGN (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), MECH.ENGG. IIT KGP Confessions 2.2. Log In. Department of Aerospace Engg. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), CIVIL ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.TELECOMM SYSTEM ENGG. Cultural Studies 4. FOOD ENGG.AQUACULTURAL ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), METALL AND MAT.ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD ENGINEERING DUAL DEGREE IN AVAILABE SPECIALISATION. INDU. Agricultural and Food Engineering. Old curriculum: UG courses, PG courses Please click the links above to view a detailed list maintained by our department. INSTRUMENTATION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING ENGG. ENGG. MBA (Masters in Business Administration), the flagship programme of Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM), IIT Kharagpur is a two year residential programme at the end of which, the students get placed with reputed companies and organizations in managerial roles. Academic Curriculum(UG) Academic Curriculum(PG) Faculty Opening; Holidays; Sponsered Research; E-Book; Webmail . (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), OCEAN AND NAVAL ARCH / OCEAN ENGG. FOOD ENGG.AGRI SYSTEMS AND MGMT. SCIENCE AND ENGG. METALL.ENGG. Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur. ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING, ENERGY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL), ENERGY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL), ENERGY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL), GEOMECHANICS FOR MINERAL AND ENERGY RESOURCES. Situated about 120 km west of Kolkata, Kharagpur is well connected to Kolkata by Road and Rail transport. december 16, 2019. in iit kharagpur. How to reach IIT KGP. Related Pages. Every engineering college will have to evolve their own implementation action plan aligning with the national road map. This is a unique program conceived at IIT Kharagpur to inculcate in students an enhanced awareness of Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Quality issues related either to Mechanical Engineering Products such as Automotive Systems or to Electronic Products such as Real-time Embedded Systems. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING/CONTROL SYSTEM ENGINEERING(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), INSTRUMENTATION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING ENGINEERING(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), ELECTRONICS AND ELEC. On temporal analysis of the 30 most contributing institutions, IIT Kharagpur ranked 5th during 2007-2011. Not Now. IIT-KGP medical college to offer first MBBS course by 2020-21 . The executive MBA programme at VGSoM, a 3 year programme (spread over 12 trimesters), is especially designed for senior and mid-career executives to facilitate their progression in their chosen careers. Technology Filmmaking & Photography Society, IIT Kharagpur - TFPS. The Civil Engineering department is one of the oldest Departments in the Institute with its beginning in 1951. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.DUAL DEGREE IN ANY SPL. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), MINING ENGINEERING SAFETY ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), MECH.ENGG. Undergraduates 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year B.Tech Show Show Show (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), AGR. This is offered by departments, centres, schools including those who do not run undergraduate programmes and can also be jointly offered. (B.TECH 4Y), MANUF. The entrepreneurial frame of mind of the students of IIT Kharagpur has also received appreciation from the recruiters. Academic curriculum. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), CIVIL ENGG. We Strongly Recommend Mozilla Firefox Browser: Click here for new version of ERP (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), ELECT.ENGG. Project staff working full-time in sponsored/consultancy projects in IIT Kharagpur can apply for admission to the MS program in the department in the Autumn and Spring semesters. DRIVES AND POWER ELECT. AND MANAGEMENT (M.TECH DUAL5Y), CIVIL ENGG. Media/News Company . UG Curriculum The undergraduate programs have two components. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGG. Curriculum Vitae of Santanu Kapat, Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur, India - 721302 Office : +91-3222-282241 … Designation: Associate Professor Date of joining: March 15, 2018 Affiliation: Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur Date of birth: November 08, 1981 Phone numbers: +91-3222-283080 (office)/283081 (residence); +91-9800180985 (mobile) Email Address: santanu.kapat@ieee.org, skapat@ee.iitkgp.ac.in, sn.kapat@gmail.com ERP; Central Library; Timetable; Information; Electrical Engg. Create New Account. Home; School. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur, India - 721302 Phone: +91-3222-255221 FAX : +91-3222-255303 POWER AND ENERGY SYSTEMS(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), ELECT.ENGG. Read All Achievements. Kharagpur Open Source Society - KOSS. 1. About Us; Mission and Vision; From the Desk of the Head ; Glimpse of our Journey; Future Perfect; About IIT Kharagpur; Contact Us; Academic. Curricula. M.SC. Experience the great start-up energy of IIT Kharagpur. A wide variety of disciplines (19 Departments, 13 Schools and 9 Centres of Excellence) are offered which are also amalgamated, thus making available a plethora of multidisciplinary courses. Aerospace Engineering • AEROSPACE ENGINEERING(B.TECH 4Y) • AEROSPACE ENGINEERING (M.TECH DUAL 5Y) Agricultural and Food Engineering • AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD ENGG. M.S. ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.FIBER OPTICS AND LIGHT WAVE ENGG. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.VISUAL INFORMN. DUAL DEGREE IN ANY SPL. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.RF AND MICROWAVE ENGG. You can choose your coursework and research from a wide selection. School. • AEROSPACE ENGINEERING. Technical Report Writing 2. MACH. The first component is the core program common to all students and is carefully planned to give the students a solid foundation of general education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Technical Arts, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Admission; Academic Programs; Curriculum; Laboratories; Events; Research. HYDRAULIC AND WATER RESOURCE ENGINEERING (M.TECH DUAL5Y), CIVIL ENGG. (m.tech dual 5y) agr. AGR. Kharagpur is known world over for two landmarks. Besides these courses, students also undertake courses in … Course Work Systems: Moodle | WBCM :Support EmailID: moodle [at] cse.iitkgp.ac.in M.SC. Innovate and build - you could affect the lives of a billion people. ), BTECH IN PARENT DEPARTMENT/MTECH IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENGINEERING, BTECH IN PARENT DEPARTMENT/MTECH IN FINANCIAL ENGINEERING. IIT KGP VGSOM secure runner-up position in the Stock-Trak Global Portfolio Simulation Competition organized by SMU Singapore. aerospace engineering: aerospace engineering(b.tech 4y) aerospace engineering (m.tech dual 5y) agricultural and food engineering : agricultural and food engg. Some of them also start their own enterprise or nurture a dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the future. (M.TECH DUAL5Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.MICROELECTRONICS AND VLSI DES. At IIT KGP, academics is designed to give wings to your aspirations - more than teach, we help you learn and innovate. POSTAL ADDRESS : Department of Mining Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur PIN-721 302 (WB) INDIA 4. Social Club. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), MOLECULAR MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY (2YR. IIT to be established. Staff CSE Department, IIT Kharagpur. Forgot account? They are … • FOOD … Academic Programs CSE Department, IIT Kharagpur. Semester : 1 & 2: Minimum Semester Credit Required : Will be Uploaded Shortly Cumulative Semester Credit Required : Will be Uploaded Shortly Subject Type: Subject No: Subject Name: L-T-P: Credit: FC PH11003: PHYSICS OF WAVES food engg.food process engg. The department has been involved in areas of Soil Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulics and Structures and Environmental engineering. NEP-2020 and Online Curriculum Delivery. NAME : DEBASIS DEB, PhD 2. Arts & Entertainment. CONTROL SYSTEM ENGG. • EMBEDDED CONTROLS AND SOFTWARE. List of Available Subjects for ELECTIVE I, II, III: Subject No: Subject Name: L-T-P: Credit: AI61002: DEEP LEARNING FOUNDATIONS AND APPLICATIONS: 3-1-0: 4: AI61003 The selection is through a written test (syllabus given below) and interview. Executive MBA Curriculum. Honey is good to treat oral cancer reveals our Scientists. • LAND AND WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING. 0. share on facebook share on twitter. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING, HYDRAULIC AND WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING, RAILWAY ENGINEERING (CIVIL ENGINEERING VERTICAL), RAILWAY ENGINEERING (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL), RAILWAY ENGINEERING (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL). iit kharagpur: curriculum. (B.TECH 4Y), ELECT.ANDELEC.COM.ENGG.AUTO.COM.VIS. Program. AND EMBEDDED SYS. PHONE NUMBER : +91-3222-283724 (O), 283725 (R) … KGP students are universally compatible to take up challenges in any of the sector because of the flexibility in our curriculum. DUAL DEGREE IN ANY SPL. (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), QUALITY ENGINEERING DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), QUALITY ENGINEERING DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING (INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS VERTICAL) (M.TECH DUAL 5Y), QUALITY ENGINEERING DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING (MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VERTICAL)(M.TECH DUAL 5Y), MECH.ENGG. Introduction to Cultural Studies (HS30051) 3. AND MANG. Software Lab (Room 215 and 216) Phone: (03222) 281436

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