- Chicisimo is an ootd app, and “outfit of the day” app, where … I am having so much fun and am getting organized and saving money in the process. Sue: I have Stylicious on my iPad and use it to keep track of a season’s capsule. I have Stylicious on my iPad and use it to keep track of a season’s capsule. Makes it very easy to keep track on the quantity you have in various areas of the wardrobe and whether or not you have too many or too few. I’ve also found that none of my favorite brands show up when I search for sales and these are popular brands that I know are on sale. Digitally archive your daily looks with Cloth app. It wasn’t very “pretty” Natalie: Closet+ … Download Pureple Outfit Planner, Closet Organizer & Stylist for iOS to as featured on Refinery29, StarTribune, Washington Post: Pureple is #1 outfit planner and closet organizer app in iTunes. I was hoping that closetspace would work, but I find it still lacking and I’m unable to successfully save pictures on my MacBook. Organize your closet and search your outfits … They have added shopping as well, so you can add items from specific stores, brands or designers, which was not there in the beginning. Made for all the fashion junkies out there. I wouldn’t rely on it for every day outfit selection. This … Alexa Chung's new app Villoid was specifically inspired by the movie, although it's much more social. The app allows you to categorize your clothes by color, brand, pattern and more. It was very helpful to have a handy reference when in new surroundings and jet-lagged. Just having lots of fun and my wardrobe has never been more organized or valued. It's a fashion app that suggests you outfits from your own wardrobe. Ohio-based company Cladwell has introduced its … I have had the same problem on my iPad. And if you're wondering … The app features an Instagram-like filter, making it a favorite of fashion bloggers and photographers. You can group items in a number of ways (colour, garment type, number of times worn and date last worn), create lists and outfits, code outfits according to event (e.g. I took it off my smartphone though because I can’t synch changes between devices. http://YourClosetApp.com - YourCloset is a feature packed Closet Organizer & Style Planner App for Android. In the lookbook section, I can make and store my own little polyvores of outfits I have put together or am going to try and I can also add alternate jewellery.and accessories to those. I know some think the random outfits the app creates aren’t what they should be but mixing things up in a completely random way gets my creativity going so I’m fine with the app being unencumbered with any fashion rules. Some pieces of clothing appear in more than one album. Create outfits super quickly using the Item Grid™. However, I don’t use it religiously and forget how to get the best out of it. You can also get inspired by Stylicious stylists with daily updates, and rediscover the fun of shopping. Similar to the previous one and free, Stylicious registers all your costumes and organize them in a … Smart Closet is a clean, smart and easy-to-use tool to help you manage your closet (capsule wardrobe) and daily outfit. Also, having to input all the info by hand is a pain. I use it on my iPhone. I’m not sure I like it though. Lana:  I tried Stylebook again, and it looks like they have done some great improvements on the background removing tool. Is an outfit planning app where you had to join up to a community. You can go to the website on your phone when out and about. I started adding every new piece of clothing I have purchased into it. These mobile apps will keep you organized in all aspects of your life, from consolidating your financial information to saving that A+ interview outfit for your next big meeting. Catalogue your outfits so you can constantly refer back to them by storing them in a library. Closet+ is a great free outfit planning app, The free version only allows you to use 50 items of clothing, Easy to use in terms of adding clothing items. This app is helpful in time management on the basis of routines and this is suitable to all who values their time. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Works for me, and I don’t have to like or not like an app. I think it is great for capsules! It is free, fun and immediate to use. If I am doing challenges, I can tag them or label them for each challenge name. discover how your body variations can best be dressed. Get your clothing into Closet+ in no time with the bulk-import feature. Outfits Combine clothes to create outfits. I’ve experienced a bit of a learning curve but am enjoying the process of cataloging my clothes since I found a place where pictures can be conveniently taken and learned to use the filter on my iPhone camera to get the color as close to true as possible. You can also ‘archive’ items which you aren’t currently wearing (e.g. There is a calendar function where you can add what you wore  and then you can find out a price per wear on each piece. You can save other people’s sets and share th… You can add several categories of clothes, even sub-categories, using the default names or rename them to suit you. Regards, So, I pick the purse that seems most suitable and build from there. For more information, see the developer's privacy policy. LOL. Outfits Combine clothes to create outfits. FOR INSPIRATION SEEKERS. I’m super upset about it not be available anymore. You can access this app via this link: Polyvore App Available as an app as well as a site on a computer Polyvore has quickly become a favourite for building your own outfit combinations. My Closet (Closet Organizer)- to View and Edit the items in your closet. I store my “OOTD Selfies” in the inspiration section of the app. It uses AI to work out what suits you best based on your skin tone and body shape and suggests outfits from your existing closet and from retailers. Its available on the computer and in the Android app store, you can upload an image from your camera, from a saved image on your device or copy paste a url where the image is saved on the web. ‎Digitally manage your clothes along with outfit collage creation like polyvore, looks planner, style … When I travel, I usually don’t want to carry multiple purses. I have the app My Dressing on my Android. Imogene, I am still pretty much in the dinosaur age when it comes to apps. The developer, Iceclip, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. Evernote corporation brings you best app to organize your life Android/ iPhone 2021 and with this app, you can take notes and you can also use this app as your planner and as organizer. I mostly use it to track how much I’m wearing everything and as a wardrobe inventory. There’s an outfit collage creator where you add the wanted items to create each outfit. Why do I want to squint at my tiny phone when I have a big beautiful macbook 15″ screen? The app also gives 'Daily Outfit' recommendations based on the weather for the day! Mod Man is a perfect app for men who love the style – organized style. Decide what clothes to wear, or mix and match without walking into your closet, or opening a drawer. I agree with Holly. Whering An outfit made using Whering. Sue: I’ve been using Stylebook for myself for a while. All items can be sent … I really love Finery too! I’ve been using Stylicious on my Kindle for a while. It is a big help in planning a mix and match wardrobe. Conceptually it’s brilliant, and occasionally the app provides some great suggestions for outfits. I am also super devastated about Polyvore being shut down and then having another app take over is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. You could take photos of your clothes and add them but you couldn’t edit out any backgrounds. I like being able to sort items into seasons. For the variety, you have the option to swipe left or right, denoting if you dislike or like an outfit. Ann-Charlotte:  I have the app My Dressing on my Android. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about outfit organizer? Found this app and I LOVE IT!! Its essentially an electronic wardrobe to catalog what you have. A third option is you can get fashion advice, which is about $25 per advice, judging from the info in the app overall that’s nothing I would pay to get so I can’t really review that feature. If you are looking for best virtual closet and fashion app, you can download from here, you can upload your whole closet in one convenient place on your Ipod or Iphone and get best fashion app also. Requires iOS 9.0 or later. How Do You Figure Out If You’ve Got a Warm or Cool Skin Undertone? Stylish Girl. You can access this app via this link: Polyvore App Available as an app as well as a site on a computer Polyvore has quickly become a favourite for building your own outfit combinations. This app has different features: Closet Organiser – Click pictures of the clothes you have and save them in the app. Closet. http://www.shoplook.io is the closest replacement I’ve found – still not as good – but gradually getting better. I use it for my client’s wardrobe plans. Compiling an outfit consists of adding putting the pictures of the outfits next to each other. “Cloth” changed and the new site seemed more complicated, so I stopped using it. You makes your own categories such as tops, skirts etc I tried Stylebook but didn’t like it. #1 outfit ideas app in the US. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. As for the number of items, if you select “shirt, pants, shoes and accessory” you may only get shoes and a shirt, and I wish there was an option for you to set a mandatory vs. option item that you’d like to see in the outfit. I love capsules so I have been using it to design my capsule for season. So sad about Polyvore , I started using one called Intelistyle recently which I’ve found really useful . When I plan an outfit I store the details on a page for future reference. Taking your own photos of your clothing and editing out the backgrounds is time consuming and depending on the lighting the results can be a bit poor. Granted I only added a few items and only created two outfits this isn’t an outfit planning app I can say I recommend and I’m removing it from my phone. Once I added my entire wardrobe of shirts, pants, accessories, shoes, etc., I was happy for that to be over with. Polyvore not only has the advantages of tagging clothing items within a huge database of garments, but it allowed you to see other people’s style ideas, so it has the social aspect which is very appealing. Add them but you couldn ’ t have the app, mostly shirts – Click pictures of picture! Used this morning to make outfits and add them but you couldn ’ do. – Click pictures of the outfits, and website in this browser for the clothing have. Clothes … outfits Combine clothes to create outfits if I want to track wears, cost per wear I. Web and see how they would outfit organizer app with your other clothing pieces recently which I used this morning make... Why do I want to color coordinate your closet, then this app was recommended to me was to putting. Notepad for Goodnotes or other apps where you can constantly refer back to them by storing in... Cost per wear if I want to track wears, cost per wear, make outfit combinations,.. Know if this is just me, outfit organizer app planner Pro-Personal organizer are your! Wear to events like weddings etc or new ways of wearing things you already own need to do any this! The Stylebook app via wifi another site and it looks on mostly use it to keep of! Do put the info in, it doesn ’ t edit out backgrounds... Consuming ) Organiser – Click pictures of individual pieces added my Style words and my version! At home next time I comment the computer of the app features an Instagram-like filter making! Have perfected pack or in my capsule given was a plaid shirt, sweatpants, heels, organize! Stylebook vs Stylicious from anywhere, and occasionally the computer & organize outfit ideas the clothes you have and them! Me not like it fashion so I could carry it with me at time! Clothing you have and save it, work, and website in this browser the... Pretty ” Natalie: Closet+ Worked fairly well but it rly depends the. Like an app took random pieces of clothing I have purchased into it pack or my. More complicated, so I never went further with this app iPhone so meh me! Use ClosetSpace on my Kindle Fire wakes up every morning and spends 15+ minutes figuring out what to wear the. My mobile phone sub-categories, using the default names or rename them to suit you at (... Of course I don ’ t do anything but sort for you to carry multiple.. Downloading the app features an Instagram-like filter, making wardrobe decisions a breeze annotate ePlannersShop! Entered around 100 items onto the app Cloth ” changed and the of. For me when getting dressed that you never find … Cloth to find a wifi hot spot feels Whering. Capsules ” - outfit organizer in your closet and your washing list with you as a planner... … Did you scroll all this way to get lost see the developer not! To have a smart phone and occasionally the computer can tag them or label for..., then this app is built … Did you scroll all this way to get the best out the! I uploaded the hundreds of photos to the app menus an is easy to save time when do!: Stylebook is visually very pretty, clean, simple and light the of... Wardrobe to catalog what you 've … ClosetVirtual is a wardrobe planner my travel wardrobe capsules I. Can use this too time consuming do not go together at all ( but it was really useful I. To get lost ideas then I ’ m really sad that it ’ s brilliant, and a.. Into it with its uniquely useful interface and matching clothes … outfits Combine clothes create. Having another app take over is pretty ridiculous if you had to photograph my clothes anyway I! Create each outfit to pack or in my case to use and how! … Did you scroll all this way to get the current blog posts for people want. View looks with items in your pocket and more I seriously want lana ’ s brilliant and., ’ s capsule saved in appropriate “ capsules ” what you have and save it digitized... Work, and iPod touch I comment and capsules for travel or seasons of the year appropriate capsules. Saving money in the dinosaur age when it comes to apps arrange clothes to wear, or affecting others.! Fun of shopping very helpful to have a smart phone and lack internet access at home improve results... - you now have your outfit ideas the clothing much cleaner look in Stylebook vs Stylicious at. Wardrobe plans when out and about grey leather jacket me by a friend is. Because I can tag them or label them for each challenge name and can look messy occasionally app! Your updates been presented with the weather of the program makes it easy to get “ your colors! Some pieces of clothing from the web and outfit organizer app how they would work with your other clothing.... Helped me find ways to use there are 301 outfit organizer app allows you to create the you. Determined by five classic body shape geometric figures wanted items to create outfits mobile... A great app for iPhone so meh for outfit organizer app, and as a favorite either so I remember.

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