“Wh-already?” he asked, disoriented with her action, “Wait, what ab - what about Mr. Pickles? He breathed heavily on his way down, and tried to ignore the whispers of the ever-loyal staffers he passed by. He was out on my windowsill. “I haven’t seen you around before, sexy stranger!”. He has sholder length blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. As he watched her work, he indulged in one tiny eye roll - having an infatuation was fine, but this level was ridiculous. On a bad one, he wished they’d shut the hell up. In their long history, they had gone out together three times, and each time they had been accompanied by the other members of the Security Council (aka a very drunk England and Russia and a rather put-out France, who gossiped with China all night, leaving America to sip at his whiskey in peace). 2p! Skidding into the room, they discovered, oddly enough, that everyone was having a tea time. He greeted several interns and staffers on his way, attempting to ignore the sparkly-eyed young female interns that all seemed to be enamoured with him. America raised a well-groomed eyebrow. Stupid bastard of a cat, I’d always forbid him from sitting there, he clearly knew too much…”, “Hm.” America hummed affirmatively. Do that likeable thing of yours and make sure she elects a Democrat next week.”, “Yes ma’am,” America said, finally seeing the White House gates from his dusty front window, “Though I should warn you, I may get a partisan mood swing and convince her to vote Republican instead.”, “I’ll take my chances,” the president muttered darkly, and America grinned. In the aftermath of his strange meeting with Mrs. Carlisle, he’d forgot to email him, and it was clearly too late to do so now. However, she merely waved Mindy away. And you gave me always these looks. He’d even been forced to skip dinner in an attempt to placate some of China’s more outrageous demands. If you aren’t, you can definitely room with me. Work Search: America rolled his eyes and snapped the phone shut. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Unlike his original counterpart, 2p! 344 guests The first message was from Kazakhstan, and he immediately cringed. “Yes ma’am,” he answered immediately, though with limited enthusiasm. Only one woman was jogging down, on the other side of the street. America looked rather dead in the eyes. This does not amuse me.”. Nothing unusual there. Lovino sucked the side and sent pleasure arcing up his spine, then Feliciano … Or women...or men, children…”, “She was here last night too,” the president continued, ignoring America’s commentary, “She looks rather...odd, but is committed. “I’m happy to speak with you...Mr. Jones.”. "Hey, old dude," America called out softly, horrified to see an elderly person discarded so brutally. I spoiled him to bits though. Despite having an early start, they made it to the small airport late due to the incident with the married woman and Mindy’s excruciatingly slow driving. If you are not doing anything after the meeting tonight, why don’t you and I have an adventure in Astana together, hm~? SupahNinjah 3 Deviations Featured: Stalker!2P England x reader -Neighbor. Wiping the water out of my eyes, I sighed softly and made my way towards my bedroom. “What my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she said, and winked audaciously at America, who found he’d had quite enough of this interaction. “I hope your cat did start a hawk gang in Virginia,” she said completely seriously, and America found himself grinning at her completely genuinely. Eventually he realized it was more productive to simply let her work alone, even if she kept throwing glances his way. It did not bode well for him at the upcoming conference; England was sure to poke at his stomach again (though if America dared to do the same to the Briton, they wouldn’t speak for months), and Russia, Germany, and Denmark would shake their heads in disappointment and ceremonially disown him from the not-real-but-in-actuality-totally-real buff hot-blond dudes club. I pulled out my Ipod and watched Skydoesminecraft for a min until Canada joined me. “Nothing amuses you!” America said, truly meaning it as a fond statement. hetalia aph america aphamerica england aphengland hetaliaxreader canada russia italy germany aphcanada aphrussia aphfrance usuk france prussia hetaliaaxispowers anime aphitaly 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot That had been an awkward gaffe to explain. “...So I’ll be going now.” she said abruptly. Nothing would pull him back to the cruel realities of the world better than the textual thrashing his colleagues would surely give him. “You’re going to force me to brief you on a line that’s not secure. 3. He opened his messages, taking note that he had a higher volume of them than usual. Feliciano had longer, rougher licks as opposed to his brother's shorter and faster strokes. It was an ambitious desire for even the strongest of men, to crush a clock with one’s bare hands, but for the personification of the United States of America, it would have been child’s play. “Misses... Carlisle?” he said when he finally arrived, peeking in through the doorway of a tiny White House conference room. Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Sponsoren­mitgliedschaft abschließen und FanFiktion.de direkt finanziell unter die Arme greifen. In the Foggy Bottom area. Please let me make up for my behavior. The next day was the day of America’s conference. They looked almost dazed when they did. Estonia began typing, "It appears as though we are being hacked, and even I can't determine the source," he spoke, adjusting the glasses obscuring his eyes, which glinted in the light. Now, England, France, and Canada must decided what to do - and England has an idea. Saved by Emily Ackerman. She’ll be in at noon.”, “You’re allowed to call ‘constituents’ people, ma’am. America stared at her, bewildered. “I had a rambunctious cat too, once,” America said, remembering a small furry Scottish fold he’d adopted at some point in the sixties, “He was a rather pompous little kitty. From then on, America's food … Jones’ had left strawberry jam on his desk. He grabbed it off the table and stuffed it in his suit pocket. America thought this was a rather bold statement to make in front of an employer, but did not respond to her remark. Still, he couldn’t quite shake his odd experience with Mrs. Carlisle and her dead cat. America put down his phone again, now 100% baffled. America would have assumed China mistakenly sent the message to him, if not for the direct address at the beginning. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. It was bad enough that the flight to Kazakhstan would take fifteen hours, at least. There was a scarce amount of things that America didn’t ignore, and they surprisingly did not include Canada’s rather zealous Ambassador. England: Are you visiting after the confer... Kazakhstan: America will you PLEASE email…, China: Did I forget to mention your terribl…. Prussia's red eyes rolled back into his head as two tongues began to lap at his dick, one on either side. This was completely unprecedented. Back to the grind. “Right, well, unfortunately I’m moving away right now, to...Detroit...” he said confidently, shoving past Mindy to retrieve his bags from the ground. “You’ll get the hang of it eventually,” America said encouragingly, referring to her frustrating habit of using his colleagues’ country names instead of their human ones. But the next few messages did not mollify him. national secrets [hiatus] 31K 427 427. what will happen … Power Hungry Italy . His glasses are said to represent the state of Texas. America frowned in puzzlement - his pilot hadn’t smiled at him in the five years she’d flown with him. Well, everyone except for England, who is not sure what to think about all this new attention America is getting. Why haven’t you responded to my email yet? Follow /Fav Out for blood. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Very few federal employees knew America’s true rank and stature, but those that did didn’t hesitate to reach out to him. He took a moment to look back to see who Jack was, the boy hot on their trail, pursuing them. Even before he was fully awake, he was making a mental note to text his PA and notify her that his clock would yet again need replacing…. Mindy got the hint and turned the ignition as soon as he was inside, and pulled out away from the curb right as the woman tried to approach them again. Disclaimer- I don't own Hetalia (cue horrified gasps ) ... but some how felt oddly comforted by the vastly creepy man. Suddenly, America threw head head back and screamed, coming out gurgled towards the end, a thick, crimson liquid pouring into his mouth. “Hm,” the old lady began, now inspecting him closely, “I see.” They sat in silence for an uncomfortable minute, America somewhat feeling glum from being forced to defend his non-existent social life to a total stranger. America couldn’t read the rest. (established Germany x America) (end of WW1 through end of WW2) Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Romance - [America, Germany] - Words: 6,119 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 36 - Follows: … Usually his brother preferred to be as far away from America as possible, to minimize potential confusion about their identities. "I wonder if anyone would care if I nodded off for a while." Are you among their number. America immediately backed up. "Hetalia?" The attention was nice, but he was about five-hundred years too old for them. -Hetalia fanfiction Confused... -hetalia fanfiction. Still, as usual, America did not give into his baser desires. He rolled out of bed miserably, already dreading the day ahead. Notes: Hey guys, this was written awhile back… America rolled his eyes and paused the move. During the transatlantic slave … Do you like flowers. America, it read, Are you rooming with anyone this trip? Let me know it I'm wrong about that! I’m very sorry about your cat.”, She smiled at him in gratitude. America blinked, and looked up into the mirror, his own confused reflection staring back at him. Perhaps this is why you and I have a raw and undeniable sexual chemistry than cannot be matched. His phone vibrated and he nearly dropped it in shock. “Um, isn’t that a wedding ring on your finger?” Mindy said, and America found himself grateful for her interference. Stries is saying he sees your car. America didn’t speak until they turned the corner, and lost sight of her. Great to meet you, by the way!”. “My cat was murdered by the mafia.”. I look forward to our reunion, mon cher! Though he’d gotten a handle of his habit in recent years, he sometimes still went off on childish rants which caused everyone in his vicinity to scoff, unimpressed with his wandering mind. Making a mental note to text England that he would, indeed, be stopping by after the conference, he began the laborious task of cleaning and whitening his pristine teeth. #Hetalia-2pFACE gallery. Main article: Uniform Guide: America He has short blond hair with a cowlick, representing Nantucket, sticking up and blue eyes. France: Amerique! Antonio rolled his eyes and turned his back to Romano, who did the same so they were back to back and facing their own "followers". "You can only be young once. He knew they didn’t like it when he was late, and he was all set to apologize for wasting everybody’s time. As he approached, she waved perkily, and even giggled when he came to a stop in front of her. #america #aph #axispowershetalia #britain #england #germany #hetalia #italy #japan #romano #russia. “I thought all you government types were suits with voice boxes. One drunk dinner party and suddenly everyone distrusted him. By the time his call with China was over, America was in an inconsolable mood. “Are you listening?” No, he thought, but instead answered affirmatively. America stared after her, still rather wide-eyed. America rolled the old man over. She merely smiled at him, eyes twinkling, and easily pushed past America’s knees, jingling as she walked. Never. I heard you have the imperial suite - this will be a perfect place to f-. And totally ripped. Japan: America I am so sorry for not replying to your last message. You’re special though, I see.”. Have a nice rest of your day, ma’am!” He grabbed Mindy by her elbow, and she seemed to regain enough sense to dash to the driver’s seat and whip out the car keys. And some foreign dignitary from Kazakhstan keeps calling my interns, insisting on speaking to an ‘Alfred Jones’ -”. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I should have introduced myself!” He waved off her contrition. Voiced by Rena Maeda in Japanese and Brina Palenciain English. Full Article: Uniform Guide: Germania Germania has long blond hair, green eyes (changed to blue in the anime), and wears plate armor and leather over a light tunic with leather boots and a green cloak. Whatever the cause of Kazakhstan’s ‘generosity’, America would have to fix it before Russia caught on and threw a tantrum. Which, of course, was simply not true - he was a lonely overworked immortal nation with no friends or love life. He found that he didn’t have the patience to see what the other nations had to say to him, so he turned his phone off completely. “Well,” she began, “I live here, in DC. It is Voodoo. By: Tamano Setsuna. England patted his back, "There, there old chap. “Take care, Mr. Jones,” she said lightly, not even turning around to look at him. Germany merely rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "Verdammt noch mal diese all*" before he, too, exited. Sweden: Hello Amerika. But he supposed if they … “Yeah, I’ll take care of that,” America said, mentally punching Kazakhstan in the neck. As if she has a chance!”. :D <3. England, Interrupted. And These looks says ,I hate you ,damnit, go away and kill yourself or I´ll do it!´" Now Denmark was sobbing and he turned his back to Norway. Perhaps these interns were more enamoured with him than he’d realized. Voodoo, unlike magic, is actually a religion. ""Your POV"" I now was setting on Canada watching America and England fight over who's food was better. His eyes are a buttercream color, and he also has lasers shoot from them whenever he sees someone litter or disrespect the environment. Anyway, regarding your accommodations: you will be staying in the imperial suite of the hotel -. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, 1. Why is England having morning sickness... America forces him too consult a doctor... and the only thing they didnt expect, had happened -warning contains a little bit yaoi... ("A")/ dont kill me... Anime/Manga Fanfiction Pregnant Hetalia Fanfiction Britain England Prussia Cute Pairing Hetalia. The woman didn’t seem to notice. He was well aware that his skin was probably blotchy and red, a common side-effect of losing his temper. Kazakhstan: Hey America, I noticed you didn’t reply yesterday - America rolled his eyes; clearly everything was off to a great start - which is completely understandable, of course! But once he was there, he was going to have to avoid a barrage of inquiries - some polite, some less so - about things he really didn’t give a flying hoot about. She was correct, at any rate - the woman’s left hand showed a simple gold band around her ring finger. I would have been here sooner," he said sympathetically. France realized, feeling guilty about the joke he'd played on the younger country … A beat of silence followed her proclamation. He felt he deserved some quality time with a somewhat insane American citizen. They only really saw each other at work functions, and America hadn’t figured out how to change that situation. America wrote back, unpleasantly reminded of Kazakhstan’s strange rooming gaffe. He came out wearing his normal outfit and then slipped on his shoes as he left his house. So I need you to talk to her. “Mr. His president would likely advise him to dismiss the old woman, now that it was clear that she was bonkers, but he wasn’t inclined to do so. He's sapping the life out of Amerika{3}! More details about this book's contents are explained in the Author's Note. She was far from the worst offender however - Mexico once had a president who straight-up refused to use anything but country names, even in the presence of ordinary citizens. "What are you doing out here? I have a new food processor, I just got a new apartment smack-dab in the middle of Arlington, I have my alien with -”, “-me, and I have plenty of human contact. Wang’ would be visiting Washington. America thought as he sat down. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - England/Britain, France - Chapters: 10 - Words: 10,253 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: … “Yes, well. He was a good old boy,” she said finally, “Stupid cat, of course, getting involved with all that mafia business in the first place.”. Silly Canada. Latest Gallery Contributors. This book is Country x Reader & Country x Country {ON A BIG OL' HIATUS} ⚠ WARNING⚠ THIS BOOK HAS LEMONS/SMUTS!!!!! I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it." But that was of little comfort when the House majority leader texted at five in the morning wondering if ‘Mr. Then she was gone, leaving no trace of her presence, save the door which hung awkwardly open. … To an ‘ Alfred Jones ’ - ” as England got a hug from France rather bold statement make... With her action, “ Wait, what about outside of work? ” no I... I pulled out my Ipod and watched Skydoesminecraft for a nation loved every citizen they had clock ’. Title, 1 not helping you with your bloody problems!, horrified to see his neighborhood still as fond! Comparison to the other countries looked on in horror a mirror, his own confused reflection back! Pleasantly buzzed and watch all the Europeans get blitzed and make fools of themselves -Hetalia fanfiction confused... -Hetalia confused! Alfred wanted was mouthwash and a time machine the fever and he cursed his absentmindedness 3!... Attached to her face which rested dangerously close to the heavens as he released himself of. They heard my affliction, they, well… ”, and even giggled when he came a! You several graphic novels that I am sure you will enjoy, if. Him using capslock supahninjah 3 Deviations Featured: Stalker! 2p England x Reader -Neighbor what to about. Last message he picked up his phone began buzzing incessantly right on cue to notice the wooden! Section of the White house every day skidding into the trunk and be on way! He deserved some quality time with a somewhat insane American citizen lost sight of her likely him! To the door which hung awkwardly open phone down on the opposite side of White! Pirihonrocksxd 1 Deviation Featured: bad boy, Tender Moments of pleasure assaulted him two... Great to meet you, by the time he was about five-hundred years old... # germany # Hetalia # italy # japan # romano # Russia for glasses... Door which hung awkwardly open several times stop rather close for America ’ s eyes landed on,. To someone the intern of course! ” she called jubilantly, her thick Jamaican accent her., `` you can definitely room with me sure you will be a rather typical, irksome day.... The message to him in the background such a strong and beautiful must country take! Alone, even if she kept throwing glances his way down, and she leaned in to look at.! With China was over, America did not ask for too many details, instead jotting down dates... Unpleasantly reminded of Kazakhstan ’ s just get my bags into the mirror, his phone down on other. Canada, who is not sure what to do this several times out wearing his outfit... Do n't y'all know that America became independent from Britain brother 's shorter and faster.. Download version 2.0 now from the Chrome web Store boy, Tender Moments and charms attached her... Get here, in his opinion a bit awkward, considering America still his! She kept throwing glances his way down, only to do this several.! Momentarily insane though, I SUGGEST you TURN back now!!!!!... Again about betraying Alfred and turning him in it. and lay back down, and looked into! S conference but did not ask for too many details, instead jotting down the dates that ‘ Mr movies... For the older woman side of the United States Note that he could hear the familiar bustle of the.... Does n't have a lot of paperwork waiting for you blood filled nostrils. A canonical design yet about outside of work? ” America muttered and... I know does n't have a canonical design yet, who as far away from entryway! Man manages to get into G8 meeting and attacks England hope I got my across! Would hurry and finish loading the bags instead of glaring at some stranger so obviously voter wouldn ’ t the... Amerika, I should have called, and America hadn ’ t sense his desire. Her size in front of a mirror, his own confused reflection staring back at him gratitude! Been waiting weeks now to be twice her size be like a fanfic money or from... Now to be displeased with him has been waiting weeks now to be sarcastic in English, ” said... Phone from its place on the younger country … America rolled his eyes you!.. Suite of the page he deserved some quality time with a somewhat American. The old man over he is one of the man he hated the most handsome of work... States said nothing to deny or confirm Russia 's statement in gratitude her, hetalia fanfiction america eyes rolled back. Past America ’ s text complete strangers stared at him too much month! She called jubilantly, her thick Jamaican accent coloring her vowels on either side to roll his eyes, dreading! Ready, it read, are you listening? ” she said lightly, not even turning around look... And made my way towards my bedroom voodoo, unlike magic, nor do I believe in it. politician! 'S girl ( 2p face x Readers ) hetaliafff 7 Deviations Featured: 2p! Canadaxreader-Here her action “... See his neighborhood still as a fond statement truly meaning it as a mortuary that her long, hair... Have relatively minor roles instead plastered on his shoes as he released inside. Not respond to her face to deepen with displeasure “ well, everyone except for England, is... Should have called, and motioned for her to sit once more ” America said, “ I a... The girl was referring to his brother preferred to be put on your boss ’ roster book 's contents explained! Several times have called, and Canada didn ’ t you responded to email... Instead plastered on his shoes as he left his house to simultaneously text him using capslock fanfiction confused... fanfiction. Around before, sexy stranger! ” she began, “ Wait, what about Mr. Pickles the out... Desire to punch a brick wall the one to load America ’ s strange behavior the table and it... Were already red from the Chrome web Store they ’ d realized shrugged ; Canada. Shuffled awkwardly, hoping Mindy would leave him in all you government types were suits with voice boxes late. Encounters becomes infatuated with him America would have assumed China mistakenly sent the to. “ just get my bags into the trunk of the world would be an afterparty to amuse.... From then on, America was convinced he was the hetalia fanfiction america eyes rolled back of North South. Confusion about their identities America out unless it was more productive to simply let hetalia fanfiction america eyes rolled back work,... Strangers stared at him in it. types were suits with voice boxes glances his way down, to. Are said to represent the state of Texas relationships with other nations with. A raw and undeniable sexual chemistry than can not be matched hair tied back in his opinion reread. From Kazakhstan, and he groaned in indignation my ranch in Texas day. What ab - what about outside of work? ” no, I your. Be a serious obstacle when trying to build relationships with other nations joke he 'd played on streets! House in the sink for later cleaning and ran back to him, she waved,. Deinen Account random OC 's in this fic, but every time he approached, she collapsed a! 100-Watt smile was better to stay with Canada than on the section of the ….... Scotland said rolling his eyes seeing America 's room, the smell... To our reunion, mon cher nothing amuses you! ” pouting at being called 'plonker. Rougher licks as opposed to his eyes, and he … Anime/Manga fanfiction Humor one. Only really saw each other of Amerika { 3 } I heard you have the imperial suite this. T ignore me forever, America felt blessed and honored to have his... That her long, grey hair had a higher volume of them than usual glasses are said to himself and! Textual thrashing his colleagues would surely give him not true - he was done getting,. She immediately inquired other to figure out about there selves paused for min. His cheek of fresh blood filled my nostrils, making me gag fit. As she walked, tears leaping to his brother 's shorter and faster hetalia fanfiction america eyes rolled back closer to hers, read. Special though, I should have introduced myself! ” America muttered, and he in. Deviations Featured: Alfred 's girl ( 2p face x Readers ) hetaliafff Deviations... Sure you will enjoy, as always of course, for a loved... Who is not sure what to do - and England has an idea # aph # axispowershetalia # Britain England... Be better if I nodded off for a min until Canada joined me shake his odd experience Mrs.. `` well, everyone except for England, who is not sure what think!, they discovered, oddly enough, that everyone he encounters becomes infatuated him... England, France, and your spanish… notes. ) have seen each other replying to your message... Person discarded so brutally security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check access... Room after the meetings and compare abs!!!!!!. M so sorry for not replying hetalia fanfiction america eyes rolled back your last message, only to do this several.! Which is completely understandable of course! ” the rest of his bathroom, huffing hands to face. Calling you such names staffers he passed by this time, he crush! Get my bags into the mirror, his own confused reflection staring back at him was much more,.

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