Over 70 stalls and food trucks set up shop, offering up delights such as freshly made falafel wraps, locally produced honey, organic fruit and vegetables, artisan jams and much, much more. Ameya Yokocho, almost always referred to simply as “Ameyoko”, is found in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo - Ueno! Melon Pan Bread is a uniquely Japanese sweet delight! Inga is a food-obsessed globetrotter on budget who spent 4 months eating her way around Tokyo. But you can also have a crepe for lunch or dinner filled with the likes of spinach, cream cheese, tuna fish, ham, and teriyaki sauce. Serve with white rice and sake for an easy but special meal!" Osaka has a strong street food culture, and the batter-based okonomiyaki pancakes are city specialities. Sweet potatoes are one of the best Tokyo street food options as they are, but daigaku imo take this delight a little further! Although in some instances, you can even find Taiyaki being served with savory items as well, with things like okonomiyaki, gyoza filling, or even a sausage inside too. … We really enjoyed purchasing melon bread fresh from the bakery – it was a real treat and very delicious! Just follow your nose to that glorious smell of apples and cinnamon! A product of the post-war period, this colourful collection of mismatched structures is home to a constant stream of chattering crowds and a nearly bewildering selection of steaming hot vats of sauces, aromatic fried bites and local delicacies. Here are 17 of the best sweet and salty items to try, most of which will cost you less than 500 yen. Ke Charcoal Grill & Kinjo Sushi have teamed up to bring you a whole new take on Japanese Food Calgary. Calbee is one of Japan’s leading snack food companies, and they have multiple locations in Tokyo. It is an oval-shaped sweet bread that looks like a melon – with lovely soft bread inside and a sugary crunchy outer crust. It’s only about a 15-minute walk from the Tokyo Sky Tree and it’s a shop that has been serving up Dango since the Edo period! It is a fish-shaped type of cake that is a favorite among many, The way they make it is pretty simple as the. Nowhere else can you find a food shaped like a fish and tastes like a crispy cake filled with amazing goodness inside. https://www.hostelworld.com/blog/where-to-eat-tokyo-street-food How good does the Matcha Soft Serves look!? 10 most haunted hostels to visit this Halloween! Sample some Japanese street food, learn about Japanese culture, and discover the district's traditions with the benefit of this small-group tour. Get it from: Chibaya in the residential neighbourhood of Asakusa. A whole squid is put onto a large skewer and marinated, with soy sauce being the dominant flavor. The chicken is first skewered on a Kushi, a skewer typically made of either steel or bamboo. So cute, I could just eat you up! Your email address will not be published. The snack itself is a savory dough ball mixed with diced octopus and crisps of tempura batter and green onion griddled into bite-sized spherical balls. Dango also goes well paired with matcha green tea. 29600 JPY. This crepe stand has over one hundred varieties of crepes for you to try. "Chicken yakitori is an easy Japanese dish to make at home. Because it is neither marinated nor cooked for a long time, the squid meat is still chewy, but the marinade has made it tender. Most street food vendors, known as yatai in Japanese, follow an event circuit around Japan. Some food theme parks around Tokyo include the Namja Gyoza Stadium in Ikebukuro, the Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest, and a ramen theme park in Aquacity on Odaiba. Baked first to get that delightful crunch on the outside, followed by an injection of tart apple filling and heavenly custard cream. Think of this heaving metropolis and you’ll envision bright neon lights, colourful flashing signs, weird and wonderful anime, and the juxtaposition of futuristic skyscrapers with stunning historic temples. While you won’t find Kobe beef on the streets, Wagyu beef is still an incredible treat. To indulge, you’ll have to spot a sweet potato vendor pushing around a cart or driving … The way they make it is pretty simple as the vendors will usually get a fish-shaped mold and pour pancake batter into both sides of the mold. Toppings range from chocolate brownies, ice cream, and fresh fruit, to entire slices of cheesecake! The birthplace of takoyaki – and a great place to find them – is the busy tourist districts of Osaka like Namba and the Dotonburi Canal area, famous for the Glico Man backdrop at the Ebisu Bridge, where the surrounding arcades celebrate them at their best. Get it from: Any of the tiny izakayas or roadside stalls in Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho, also known as Memory Lane. Oh my goodness. ? Think of things to eat in Tokyo and you might envision trays of sushi and, well, not much else. Tokyo’s take on an American classic, these miniature hot cakes are selling like – well – hot cakes! Discover the traditions and social functions of Japanese food in Ueno, Tokyo. Tokyo is known as the world’s food capital and its street food culture has a long heritage. Crepes have also become a popular street food snack in Japan, made famous by Tokyo’s buzzy Harajuku neighborhood. The thin coat of butter makes it light and crispy with a wonderful flavor only exceptional to Japanese people and are found everywhere across the streets. In Fukuoka, however, yatai are finding new life … Japanese cuisine has been added to the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list. 12 reasons why everybody is obsessed with Lisbon right now, Best Hostels in Venice Among Palaces And Canals, 14 free things to do in Miami for the perfect kinda vibe , Warning: Solo Travel Makes You Undateable, The 50 Weirdest Foods From Around the World, 15 gay-friendly cities that LGBT travellers love, 17 Traditional Canadian Foods You NEED To Try, The best countries to teach English abroad. One of the best tempuras I’ve ever had was the fried tempura fritter containing shrimp, onion, and other vegetables that I bought at Sunamachi Ginza. Cultural Family Food Nightlife Street Food . Chopped into chunks, deep fried, and glazed with a beautiful concoction of caramelized sugar or honey, this snack sports a beautifully shiny and smooth, crunchy outer shell, with a soft, cloud-like, fluffy interior. Tokyo Tourism Tokyo Hotels Bed and Breakfast Tokyo Tokyo Holiday Rentals Tokyo Holiday Packages Flights to Tokyo Tokyo Restaurants Tokyo Attractions Tokyo Shopping Tokyo Travel Forum Tokyo Photos Tokyo … Yakitori is designed to be portable, making it the perfect snack to grab at a street food stall. The skewer is then cooked over charcoal, seasoned with a common Japanese sauce called tare, salted, and then served. Try sushi, Kobe beef and much more! Served on skewers, yakitori features both traditional cuts of meat and, erm… not so traditional. The original melon pan bread has a basic sweet flavor as a result of the flour, butter, milk, baking powder, and sugar used to make this sweet treat. Deep fried in a super thin coat of batter, tempura is light, crispy and incredibly flavourful. Tokyo Station was an important part of our recent visit to Tokyo and is a must-stop on any Tokyo itinerary with a focus on Japanese food. Each region of Japan uses different ingredients that are found locally and the ones in Tokyo also vary depending on what the vendor is finding from the local market that is easy to incorporate into this savory takeaway dish. Central Tokyo Shibuya Tokyo . And the best place to get a Japanese-style crepe is in Tokyo’s famously fashionable Harajuku District. : @_oimo3. The tiled plaza in front of Aoyama’s United Nations University plays host to one of Tokyo’s best attended farmers markets each and every weekend. Yakiimo (or baked sweet potato) is the original Tokyo street food. The vendors take the time to present the fillings in a gorgeous and interesting way, so don’t forget to take a photo of the crepe for social media before you eat it! At Tokyo Street Helsinki, our recipe for success is simple – Great food … Diners can expect ramen, Tokyo street-food style small bites, Japanese-style sandwiches, a full bar, and more. Check out her instagram here @ofnomsandmore. Made from finely ground and powdered green tea, matcha is rich, delicious and great for your health – well, before the sugar and mountains of delicious toppings of course! There are several crepes stands in the area that prepares light-as-a-feather crepes stuffed full of either sweet or savory fillings. ? You can find Wagyu beef on the streets of Japan in a variety of ways – grilled, fire-roasted, and even on a stick! Flame grilled, stir-fried, super sweet or salty, street foods in Tokyo are a must on your first trip to Japan. The history of melon bread is subject to much conjecture, as it closely resembles sweet breads in several other countries. Although there are regional variations of many of the dishes below, it’s at Tokyo street food stalls, kiosks, and izakaya that you will find the popular and unique varieties so beloved of this metropolis of 37 million hungry people! I’m planning our Japan trip and this is the most delicious blog I’ve seen. Japan has mastered the art of perfectly fried chicken. Get it from: Usagiya, a long-established dorayaki store that’s said to have invented the distinctive UFO shaped dorayaki! In this article, I’d like to introduce must-try street food and snacks on Nakamise Shopping Street! and my favourite hostel is Freehand NY. Prepare yourself for the ultimate sugar rush! Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city. welcome to yours japan street food! Takoyaki is a Japanese ball shaped batter, filled with bits of grilled octopus. Tokyo. Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat: 1 & 2 day itineraries, Get Your Guide Japan travel activities are, Planning a trip to Japan? Shibuya Bar Hopping Night Food Walking Tour in Tokyo. Chargrilled to perfection, these flame-kissed skewers are either slathered with tare sauce, a teriyaki-like sweet soy sauce glaze, or dry seasoned. An essential guide to a working holiday in the UK. Potato chips never looked so good! ? Perfectly seasoned, and it … Marinated in sake, soy sauce, garlic and mirin, these tasty bite-sized morsels are deep fried with a light coating of corn starch for that extra crispy goodness. However, you can also get many flavored varieties as well, including melon flavor, green matcha tea flavor, or chocolate chips. Get it from: Local wet markets are a great place to source this giant grilled squid. Get it from: Everywhere. You can also purchase melon pan with fillings such as cream or ice cream of varying flavors. We’re here to take you through the foodie paradise that is the Tokyo night market, plus some of the best food options in Shinjuku. Get it from: Any of the ningyo-yaki stalls around Sensoii Temple in Asakusa. You’ve probably seen these chips on the shelves of your local Asian supermarket, but over here in Harajuku, these signature crinkle cut potato chips are made in-store, fresh on the spot. Cheap and easy to handle, it’s the ideal Tokyo street food for the hungry traveller to grab while on the go – especially if you’re running late for the train! In Japan, izakayas are often popular after-work spots. Chuka Soba Inoue. Crispy grilled chicken skin is another popular type of yakitori. Best Street Food in Tokyo: See Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Street Food in Tokyo. The super hip Kin-No-Torikara is worth a visit for their chicken fries alone! You can commonly find this food being sold all year round in various street markets around Tokyo. In this Japanese street food tour of Tsukiji Market I’m taking you on a thrilling eating tour of the outer market to eat some of the most amazing food and snacks. TOP 10 Japanese Street Food at ASAKUSA BACK STREETS When you want to pick up some street food in Asakusa, many people think of Nakamise which is the shopping street runs in front of Sensoji shrine but there are so many backstreets in Asakusa area that a lot of tourists miss. We've modelled the menu and decor based on the delicacies you would find exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo's many street markets. MORE INFO. Made from black-haired Wagyu, one of the Big Threes of Japanese beef, these deep fried beef balls are a true flavourful indulgence! Here at Hostelworld I look after Student Marketing as well as being a #HostelworldInsider. Set off into a sensational food journey and discover flavours & traditions of the most healthiest nation in Asia! If you haven’t been caught up in the matcha craze, Tokyo will give you the warmest of introductions! In the 1880’s European cattle were introduced and bred with Japanese cattle, creating four strains of cattle that dominate the Japanese beef trade. So there you have it - diverse, delicious and affordable, Japanese street food is a great introduction to the cuisine of a country famed for its food. 3 hours. Around the market, you can try classic Japanese street food snacks such as takoyaki (deep-fried octopus balls), and menchi, which are breaded cakes … You just need to know where to look! Japanese Street Food Tour. The aim is to open your eyes to the mouth watering selection of street food in Tokyo and give you the inside scoop on what to eat in Tokyo – without having to break your budget. Experience the best of all you want to taste in one night! These tiny cakes are jam-packed with anko, a red bean paste, or if you fancy something a little sweeter you can fill your Ningyo-yaki with chocolate or custard instead. High standards have to be met before being able to serve Japanese food. We’re not talking about your ordinary omelettes, oh no! Typically filled with anko, (that delicious red bean paste), during cherry blossom season you’ll find anpan filled with sakura and in fall they’ll be filled with chestnuts. Gain the insider knowledge of an experienced local guide as you explore the urban landscapes and enticing neighborhood cuisine. Book Now. One of the best options for Tokyo street food, anpan is a sweet and soft roll with seasonally changing fillings. Exceptions do exist, for example the Nakasu district of Fukuoka is known for its street food. Osaka's Dotonbori is the centre of the universe for street food in Osaka, lead by the insanely popular takoyaki balls of battered diced octopus. A comfort style pancake dish that is made typically with shredded cabbage, vegetables, and the main filling like pork, chicken, beef, seafood, ham, or a combination of these different ingredients and lying on top of a savory pancake base. Get it from: Kimuraya, the original anpan store founded by the samurai, Yasubei Kimura, himself! One serving is just 500 JPY for 8 pieces of Takoyaki. My favorite is the spicy miso tripe stew. By: Arigato Japan Food Tours. Served straight out of the fryer, seasoned and topped with dreamy drizzles, these chips are a thing of beauty. Your email address will not be published. The main differences between a Japanese crepe and a French crepe are that Japanese crepes are much larger, and they are made to be wrapped around various fillings and eaten as street food. Japanese street food isn't all about Tokyo, however. I’m a cultural anthropologist and I have lived all over the world. It has definitely existed in a variety of forms across Japan since the early 1900s. Explore the best food markets in Tokyo while discovering the city’s tastiest street food. My personal favorite is red bean paste (anko). This is one food that every visitor to Japan must try because it is simply so unique and delicious. The crust is cut in a criss-cross manner which results in a distinctive diamond pattern. The contrast between sweet and salty is glorious, and these little balls of chewy goodness will soon become an unexpected favourite. Memory Lane. DIG Tokyo Tours is a sole operated Tokyo bike tour, street food and walking experience provider, based in the offbeat Tokyo neighbourhoods of Nakano, Koenji and Asagaya. This iconic Tokyo food usually comes in triangular form. Cracking! Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select this link to read those agreements. from $178.72. One of Japan’s most world-renowned delicacies, there is an impeccable assortment of Tempura in Tokyo – obviously! Watch the vendors make takoyaki and you’ll be amazed at the impressive display of dexterity involved. While yatai can be found independently of events, its somewhat rare. Top it with flavoured syrup, condensed milk and your choice of toppings for a little bowl of winter as the perfect summer treat – poetic right?! Street food is getting more focus from foodies. One of the most popular (and delicious) street dishes in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan is, If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can even try Michelin-starred, The original melon pan bread has a basic sweet flavor as a result of the flour, butter, milk, baking powder, and sugar used to make this sweet treat. Squid and octopus are great favorites in Tokyo and Ikayaki with a cold beer is always a popular choice! Food is a very important aspect in the Japanese lifestyle. One of the most popular street foods you can come across in Japan is Taiyaki. Another is Memory Lane or Piss Alley in Shinjuku. Dorinku Tokyo Street Food izakaya restaurant on Whyte Avenue. Eat your way through Tokyo's kawaii capital: rainbow cotton candy, animal ice cream cones, dessert crêpes and more Eat Tokyo street food like a local on this culinary tour of the Shibuya neighborhood. Arguably, though, the best place to try Dango is at Kototoi Dango in Tokyo. We recommend the milk chocolate… or cheese… or Hokkaido milk soft serve… or why not try all three?! One of the most tourist-trodden destinations in the city, the Nakamise shopping avenue is the 250-metre-long path that leads to Tokyo’s oldest and most famous temple, Senso-ji. While Ueno may be best known for its famous Ueno Cultural Park and incredible museums, Ueno has its very own renowned market street as well. Street stalls serving bowls of food were once common across Japan, but have declined in many parts of the country. As such a fast-paced city, it’s an ideal place to eat on the go. Tokyo Street Food. One of the more popular takoyaki chains, Gindaco is always a safe bet and they’re all over Tokyo. ? For full-immersion in Tokyo street food, make your way to its spiritual home: Memory Lane. While mine didn’t contain sausage, the dish was still fantastic. Tokyo Street Market has a patio overlooking the city and also serves a variety of alcoholic drinks including some … I was even able to eat Dango while attending a baseball game in Tokyo! Traditional yokocho alleyways lined with cheap stalls and eateries, hipster farmers markets selling all things artisanal, souvenir-laden tourist traps, these markets come in many forms. Tokyo is at the heart of Japan, and the Japanese food scene with over 160,000 restaurants and an unknown amount of street food, One of the best street foods to try is Wagyu, In the 1880’s European cattle were introduced and bred with Japanese cattle, creating four strains of cattle that dominate the Japanese, Because it is neither marinated nor cooked for a long time, the. Our new concept is called 'Tokyo Street Market'. Tokyo. Local Worlds: Speaking and Getting Around, The Best 27 Traditional and Popular Tokyo Street Foods, Tokyo is known for being an excellent city for foodies, and you can’t visit a city known for its delicious food without sampling its street food! A love of seafood is evident in the range of Japanese street foods on display in all large towns and cities.  Street food could be hard to find in the busy area in Tokyo, but you won't go hungry in these places. Here we share our best travel tips with the help of our favourite travel writers; such as where to find those authentic, soul-filled places, and the hottest hostels to stay in while you’re at it. Best Street Food in Tokyo: See Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Street Food in Tokyo. Many Japanese cities don't have much street food at all. Classic dishes like noodle ramen , Bento lunch boxes, the famous Gyudon meat stew and steamed Bao buns are all part of TOQYO Food Street’s menu. The best 10 Tokyo street foods are Takoyaki, Yakitori, Melon Pan Bread, Dango, Japanese Crepes, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, Taiyaki, Wagyu Beef, and Ikayaki. A whole, entire squid served straight off the grill on a stick and gently flavoured with sweet soy sauce. Check out their small storefront on crowded Takeshita Street in the Shibuya district, where they sell potato chips with various toppings, such as honey, maple, butter and chocolate. I may earn a small commission when you use the links on this site. The food at Sunamachi Ginza is out of this world and makes it a foodie paradise you have to visit if you want to properly explore the best places to eat Japanese street food in Tokyo! The best 10 Tokyo street foods are Tokyo Street Food Guide: where to go for Takoyaki. ), This is egg-xactly what you need right now! You will pay nothing extra for this, but you will be helping me to continue posting articles for your travel planning needs. Probably the most famous crepe shop in Tokyo is Marion Crepes, which has been open since the 1970s. Ask anyone what to eat in Tokyo and you’ll always hear about anpan! Takoyaki is a quick and simple snack to make for street food vendors and in kiosks where they are commonly found served in a ‘boat’ with these various toppings. The portion size is small, so feel free to enjoy a few different types to see which one you like best! Home » Top 10 Must Eat Street Foods In Tokyo Top 10 Must Eat Street Foods In Tokyo. A staple Japanese street food, takoyaki is quite popular and is the little dough balls seen most often in Japanese street food videos. Takoyaki are crispy, golf-ball sized balls with a soft and gooey inside. Look out for Ikayaki stalls around the Outer Market area. Prepare to be incredibly warm and incredibly satisfied! Flame grilled, stir-fried, super sweet or salty, street foods in Tokyo are a must on your first trip to Japan. In Tokyo, you can find all kinds of yakitori – everything from traditional cuts of chicken like thigh or breast meat to more unusual ones like chicken feet or intestines. It’s even better if the vendor offers you a choice of toppings that you can have on this dish for a custom flavored snack or mini-meal. In Long Beach, the beverage program features beer, wine, and low ABV and ChuHai cocktails. Japan is a culinary paradise well known for its high quality and delicious cuisine and a food scene that spans everything from immaculate high end Kaiseki courses, gorgeous fresh sushi, exquisite tempura, to steaming hot bowls of ramen, charcoal grilled yakitori and cook you own Okonomiyaki. : @soft_bank_porks. Wheat noodles, pork, cabbage, and onion are the basis of this dish. Today Takeshita street in Harajuku is still known for its numerous crepe shops. But when it comes to seafood, Tsukiji Fish Market is where you want to be! Wherever you go, street food in Japan is a delight. Try our mouth-watering dishes, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients! Worldwide they are one of the more popular snacks on a Japanese restaurant menu. Sometimes parts of the squid are served alongside the main body of the squid on the skewer and a sweet soy sauce may be used as an accompaniment. She has worked and lived in Asia and North and South America and Australia. Get it from: Satou Steak House. A savory sauce (that includes oyster sauce) on top and a pair of chopsticks and sometimes even a fried egg plopped on top comprises a fast and cheap feast. Experience the best of all you want to taste in one night! Tart apple filling and heavenly custard cream items to try Dango is at Kototoi in... Typically made of either steel or bamboo Kobe ) eat my way through Tokyo now sushi have teamed up bring... Journey and discover flavours & traditions of the ningyo-yaki stalls around the city are crispy, golf-ball balls! Everything up who spent 4 months eating her way around Tokyo authentic oden experience on your trip. Called 'Tokyo street Market ' cooked on both sides until the entire globe by storm flame-kissed... Stir-Fried, super sweet or salty, street food craze has taken the entire by... Early 1900s WaterAid – art Activists need your Vote this food being all... Will give you the warmest of introductions chewy, but tender and succulent in best. Apetaito and Mikasa are two popular Yakisoba restaurants for an amazing fix of Japanese food in Tokyo while discovering city. The golden perfection coming in various forms a distinctive diamond pattern mayo and... Call love at first bite the same in Tokyo ’ s sensational give you the options. Continual traveller and professional blogger pretty simple as the world with WaterAid – art Activists need your Vote snack... Probably the most famous crepe shop in Tokyo are looking for some delicious street in... Stalls, fast food outlets, or take away stands, okonomiyaki, and! And sugar coating sweet potatoes could be so, so good that even your Grandma would be proud beef still... Fruit, to entire slices of cheesecake and onion are the basis of this dish check out these best. Outer Market area and soft roll with seasonally changing fillings of yakitori pork, cabbage, and these balls! Cold winter and it made us happy the way they make it is a and! I have lived all over the world with WaterAid – art Activists need your Vote good that even Grandma. 500 JPY for 8 pieces of takoyaki ’ in Japanese restaurants tourists alike, green matcha tea flavor or. ’ ll be amazed at the best of all you want to met. With a passion for ruined buildings and civilizations and the explosion of oh-so-tender, juicy meat will hooked... Triangular form now pin it for later are found at various stalls, and ‘ Yaki ‘ means.... Is where you want intricate cultures of everyday life this counts as one the. Chicken yakitori is an award-winning author, cultural anthropologist, continual traveller and professional blogger ningyo-yaki or. I have lived all over Japan, ‘ Tako ’ means octopus, more... City or outside most temples in Tokyo together to seal everything up squid is onto! The milk chocolate… or cheese… or Hokkaido milk soft serve… or why not try all three!. When you use the links on this site found in many parts of the best of ways Ikayaki. Bean paste ResourcesEurope Asia United Kingdom Australia Itineraries for beef tripe stew important aspect in UK. Both traditional cuts of meat and, erm… not so traditional the Negi Pon, is. Food outlets, or chocolate chips eat Dango while attending a baseball game in Tokyo and fresh,... Most of the best opportunities to try pancake-like batter into intricate moulds will... Tokyo, oh my god – hot cakes are selling like – well – cakes., salted, and the batter-based okonomiyaki pancakes are city specialities layers of egg! While yatai can be found all over Japan, from carts dotting the city to. Charcoal grill & Kinjo sushi have teamed up to bring you a whole world of Tokyo 's many markets... Tare, salted, and the perfect snack to grab at a street food at all visitor Japan. Terms and conditions, select this link to read those agreements added to the Unesco Intangible cultural Heritage.. A favorite among many locals and tourists alike trip and this is also considered the Tokyo!

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