That the men are well-dressed gentlemen is not lost on Mary, who witnesses the abduction. CK12236666Tom is dressed. It is worth noting that according to Jordanes the Swedes in the 6th century were splendidly dressed. People still wore their hair short and dressed conventionally: 8. Dressed as a peasant (or a fool), he departs (his mother, in some versions, dying of grief), and comes to the king's court. | simple past tense and past participle of dress Fred O'Conner, dressed for the slopes, gave a grumpy wave. He was then dressed like a mason with hod and trowel, and so conveyed over the frontier. The multiple question does not include "dress up". She looked radiant in a white silk dress. He was handsome and simply dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt. The man inside, dressed in evening attire, stumbled free and spotting the lab, set off in search of help. Darian exited and dressed in all black, arming himself with knives. And how could he use the word 'innocence' in conjunction with the way she was dressed? I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, so I got up and dressed. Among its manufactures are flour, whisky, dressed lumber and ice. Sneaking into their bedroom, she grabbed some clothes and then dressed in the kitchen. Fred was stretched out on the bed, fully dressed and looking like a funeral home customer. For the great festival of Tezcatlipoca, the handsomest and noblest of the captives of the year had been chosen as the incarnate representative of the god, and paraded the streets for public adoration dressed in an embroidered mantle with feathers and garlands on his head and a retinue like a king; for the last month they married him to four girls representing four goddesses; on the last day wives and pages escorted him to the little temple of Tlacochcalco, where he mounted the stairs, breaking an earthenware flute against each step; this was a symbolic farewell to the joys of the world, for as he reached the top he was seized by the priests, his heart torn out and held up to the sun, his head spitted on the tzompantli, and his body eaten as sacred food, the people drawing from his fate the moral lesson that riches and pleasure may turn into poverty and sorrow. He is dressed very well: 2. She fashioned a beautiful dress out of the old sari. Gabe's step slowed as he neared the man dressed in a white shirt held closed by two buttons and cream linen pants rolled to his knees, as if he'd been walking in the ocean. chap dressed in a blood stained chefs outfit chasing a bloke who had run off with the till! She was dressed in faded teal that drew out her otherworldly eyes. As soon as Daddy and Jonathan finish getting dressed, we'll go to church. He opened it before she knocked, dressed for sparring in his judo pants and nothing else. When badgers were more abundant than they now are, their skins, dressed with the hair attached, were commonly used for pistol furniture. He was invariably dressed in a suit of the most spotless black, as if going to a dinner party; his white neck-cloth was fresh from the laundress's hands, and his hat shining like a racer's coat. The city's chief interest is in the tobacco industry; it has also considerable trade in other agricultural products and in coal; and its manufactures include carriages and wagons, bricks, lime, flour and dressed lumber. The department is served by the Eastern railway, of which the main line to Belfort crosses it. said the commander with an austere gibe. Martha, dressed exactly as she had been when she'd left, clutched her new suitcase while the barest hint of a smile graced her pretty face. She dressed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Well-dressed in a sentence 1. Sentence Examples. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. He was dressed in dark jeans and a snug, dark t-shirt that made him look too sexy for her to answer for a moment. Refreshed from the inside out, she dressed and combed her hair with her fingers. A civilian dressed older man stepped forward. And then some things you have to get dressed up for. She hung the dress up in the wardrobe. 4. 0. I'd have my white hat on but it was still dark when I dressed. Grammar. This is of blocks of limestone whose faces follow the natural cleavages, and only dressed where needful; part is hammer-dressed, but most of the surfaces are adze-dressed. Finally, as wide awake as a kid on Christmas morning, he gave up the ghosts and dressed, intent on making the trip for the sole satisfaction of punching out Vinnie Baratto. He was also dressed for the exclusive party. Sentence Examples: Yo visto uniforme todos los días.-- I wear a uniform every day. Edith was dressed in a sweat suit, though the descriptive name appeared to be a misnomer in her case. The Mongolian goat has a very soft silk underwool, and after the long top hair is removed it is dressed and imported and erroneously named mouflon. She recalled people, places, and some routines, like those that human-Deidre did at least once a day: getting dressed, the bathroom, showering. His brown hair was tousled from the ocean breeze, and he was dressed in jeans and a loose shirt fastened across the golden skin of his chest by one button. Their rudimentary shelters are spotless, and for church on Sundays the congregation is always neatly dressed, attentive and devout. Real sentences showing how to use Get dressed correctly. Sensing demons in the upcoming halls, he replaced his hood and stepped from the stairwell leading to the basement into the hall on the main floor. Dressed in full armour and attended by the papal vicar, Cola headed a procession to the Capitol; here he addressed the assembled crowd, speaking "with fascinating eloquence of the servitude and redemption of Rome.". Dressed in grey like a pilgrim, and accompanied by five or six trustworthy servants, he would set out on his interminable travels, "ambling along on a good mule.". Fred was dressed for the occasion—dapper suit, bow tie, and vest—while the Deans donned the grubbiest attire they could find. Read more… By six-thirty I was showered and dressed and drinking my first cup of coffee in the kitchen. Another word for dressed. The voice on the telephone had belonged to a middle-aged woman dressed modestly in a dark suit. While no other vehicle was visible, two men, dressed more casual­ly than Winston, emerged from the house. The name has a curious origin, which explains also the particular meaning of the adjective "spruce," neatly dressed, smart in appearance, fine. This is worn round the waist folded in a knot, the women allowing it to fall to the ankle, the men, when properly dressed in accordance with ancient custom, folding it over the hilt of their waist-weapon, and draping it around them so that it reaches nearly to the knee. Thesaurus. Dressed in a sentence. He stalked to the locker room and returned a few minutes later, armed and dressed. With the food warming, Carmen took Destiny to her room and dressed. 3. "Hello?" Definition of dressed adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Arion dressed himself in his finest clothing. The mirrors on the landing reflected ladies in white, pale-blue, and pink dresses, with diamonds and pearls on their bare necks and arms. vestido. – Steven Jong Yeon Lee Jun 17 '15 at 7:14. She hadn't been able to shake the cold she felt and was dressed in layers despite the thermostat being set to eighty. Slabs are also manufactured, and, being readily cut, planed, dressed and enamelled, are used for chimney pieces, billiard tables, wall linings, cisterns, paving, tomb-stones, ridge rolls, electrical switch-boards and various other architectural and industrial purposes. he says: " The more recent argument for God which resolves itself into the necessity of a self-distinguishing one basis to which nature as a mere system of relations must be referred, is simply the old argument of the necessity for a First Cause dressed up in new clothes. In the MS. of the chronicle of Diebold Schilling of Bern (c. 1480) there is in the picture of the battle of Sempach a warrior pierced with spears falling to the ground, which may possibly be meant for Winkelried; while in that of Diebold Schilling of Lucerne (1511), though in the text no allusion is made to any such incident, there is a similar picture of a man who has accomplished Winkelried's feat, but he is dressed in the colours of Lucerne. Definition of Dressed. She looked very beautiful in her bridal dress. Andre was dressed in cashmere and wool, his hair kept short and neat, his loafers more expensive than Kris's conference room had cost to build. Half a dozen demons paced the corridor, three dressed as scouts like he was. It's dressed in a lavender, pink, or blue, star-shaped bunting with adorable glow-in-the-dark pjamas & hairbrush. Gabe got dressed, tying one boot as the sound of the shower stopped. The way he dressed and acted indicated he was used to feminine attention. As a general rule the annalists wrote in a spirit of uncritical patriotism, which led them to minimize or gloss over such disasters as the conquest of Rome by Porsena and the compulsory payment of ransom to the Gauls, and to flatter the people by exaggerated accounts of Roman prowess, dressed up in fanciful language. I went back up and dressed and took a walk out on the pier. Learn more. He was out of place, a bright light in the corner of the dimly lit room, dressed casually in jeans, T-shirt and hiking boots. On the 16th of December 1653 Cromwell was installed in his new Office, dressed as a civilian in a plain black coat instead of in scarlet as a general, in order 1 C. H. Subscribers to exchanges may also make arrangements to have all telegrams (except Press telegrams) ad - dressed to them delivered by telephone instead of messenger. Examples of dressed in in a sentence: 1. 25 examples: Caricaturists and satirists appealed to their patrons, mocking the stylish… The man, dressed in slacks and sport shirt, was entering the newly renovated Beaumont Hotel. Ferdinand died on the feast of Saint John the Evangelist, the 24th of June 1065, in Leon, with many manifestations of ardent piety - having laid aside his crown and royal mantle, dressed in the frock of a monk and lying on a bier, covered with ashes, which was placed before the altar of the church of Saint Isidore. She showered and dressed in warmer clothes, locked the house door, and descended the steps to the car. Stone is of the greatest actual importance, the value of the quarry output, including some prepared or manufactured product, such as dressed and crushed stone, averaging $65,152,312 annually in 1904-1908. Franny had been first on the scene behind Dean, dressed only in panties, her arms covering her tiny breasts, shivering as much at the sight as the chill of the early winter morning. Dressed all in black with weapons strapped in places identical to where Gabriel wore his, the tall man was lean with cold eyes. She dressed and went to the kitchen to warm up some food for him. Claire was a peanut butter blonde, gone grey, tall and well dressed, all business and definitely in charge. dressed the wound in a sentence - Use "dressed the wound" in a sentence 1. The jeweler dressed his gold up. 5. The man was about Dean's age, shorter, with dark hair and moustache and dressed in full biking attire. She was in her early thirties, overweight, dimpled, and dressed in a flowered shirt and slacks. He was dressed in jeans and a casual button-down shirt that was snug across his shoulders and chest and loose over his abdomen. The local populace—some dressed in the Western uniforms she'd seen in her history classes—was making its way towards the compound, lured by the rumors of the government compound and food, water, and medicines. While they mostly offer dresses – many of which can be worn to the office and then dressed up for the evening – they also offer separates such as fitted tunics, skirts, trousers and jackets. Phrases. Consuelo and Marc were dressed as Beauty and the Beast and the girls, Ariel and Cinderella. After the block was in place the boss was struck off and the surface dressed and polished (P.T. CK12249415Just get dressed. Jumping from the bed, she dressed quickly and went to the kitchen. The people dressed themselves gaily, some in the disguise of the mythical personages in the suite of Dionysus, and paid a round of visits to their acquaintances. Alondra was dressed in a pale yellow gown that did wonders for her thin figure and highlighted her flawless complexion. One does not dress or act like a lady. Rhyn emerged from the shadows near the window, dressed in black with his hair tied back. expensive automobiles, beautiful women dressed to the nines in front of their husband's or boyfriend's car. She stayed the urge to curl up in her chair, jumping when a shadow with lopsided shoulders emerged from the corner dressed like an executioner in black hood and gloves. The house is built of wood, but the siding is of wide thick boards so panelled as to give the appearance of cut and dressed stonework. 2, I can't go to the door-I'm not dressed yet. The next night, however, having dreamt that he beheld Firdousi in paradise dressed in the sacred colour, green, and wearing an emerald crown, he reconsidered his determination; and the poet was henceforth held to be perfectly orthodox. The people were dressed in old fashioned clothes. sentence examples. It is characteristic of the vagaries of Californian commerce in the early years that dressed granite for some buildings was imported from China. We do not have example sentences for dressed. They dressed and Elisabeth handed him the folder. The choir, dressed in their rich purple cassocks, performed to a packed cathedral, lit entirely by candlelight. The names of the two heroes meaning simply" black "or" dark,"the blue tint may originally have belonged to Vishnu, who is also called pitavasas, dressed in yellow garment, i.e. The Shoes of Fortune Neil Munro The two girls in their white dresses, each with a rose in her black hair, both curtsied in the same way, but the hostess' eye … She was dressed in a tattered coat, hands in her lap, sitting as nervously as an immigrant awaiting deportation. When she reached Destiny's room, Jonathan was already dressed and was helping Destiny. She spent the night waiting for the nightmare world to end and dressed the next morning with an undertaker's solemnity. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Here are some examples. They're not dressed up as ' punks ', are quite theatrical and use a cello and a clarinet in their set. The two thugs a few feet behind them were dressed in dark clothes and muscular. By the time they got back and dressed for supper, Destiny's eyelids were drooping. Dressed in dark clothes with dark hair and olive skin with a dark stare, he was both riveting and frightening. She woke early the next morning and dressed, making a trip to the office before Alex arrived. Dressed as a Turkoman, he intrepidly explored in a hostile country the route from Khiva to Igdy, and also the old bed of the Oxus. The sub bumped against a dock, and the door opened to reveal the man he assumed was Jim, dressed in his workout clothing with mussed hair. Log in Sign up. In art they are usually represented as richly dressed Asiatics, picturesquely grouped with their griffin foes; the subject is often described by poets from Aeschylus to Milton. The borough owns and operates the water works. Rissa was dressed in clean men's clothing, her hair braided once more. Carmen dressed Destiny while they went down for breakfast. The high priest dressed in his robes went out to meet him, and at the sight Alexander remembered a dream, in which such a man had appeared to him as the appointed leader of his expedition. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Dressed in a mock turtleneck of some expensive fabric and slacks, the seated Immortal was relaxed and bright-eyed, despite accompanying them on the hunt that led them to the meat locker a couple of hours ago. She dressed and grabbed a comb from her locker, crossing to the mirror above the sinks. Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002) She made herself up as she'd never done to go to the maths department and dressed in her new autumn clothes. The children dressed warmly this morning, putting on coats and sweaters to help avoid the cold. The jeweler dressed his gold up. 52)52) on the lacus Fucinus, 19,000 men dressed as Rhodians and Sicilians manoeuvred and fought. Most of the guests were Evelyn's friends and family; Romas's small party consisted of only a handful of men-- cousins, according to Evelyn-- looking like an NFL team dressed uncomfortably in their tuxes. They pulled up in a van full of guys dressed in those white biological suits that cover you head to toe. Stationed outside her room, Cora trailed her at a distance, silent and darkly dressed, like a shadow. The houses of the native towns are built largely of dressed stones and broken columns from the ruins of Tacape. a blond woman asked, dressed in tactical clothing and sporting advanced weaponry that reminded Brady just how elite the positions in the special protective service were considered. While Paul was dressed in jeans and a golf shirt, brother Joseph—never "Joe"—sat stiffly in creased slacks and dress shirt. When she returned fully dressed and armed to the teeth, he held out his hand. Premium. She was dressed in her Harvard tee shirt and pajama bottoms. 3. The officers, who had come from the other sheds, were all strangers to Pierre and much better dressed than he. Examples of dress rehearsal in a sentence, how to use it. But Napoleon had dressed and come out with such unexpected rapidity that he had not time to finish arranging the surprise. Ethel, her usual sympathetic self, reached for her cigarettes and began to get dressed after what she deemed sufficient time to put up with the unsuccessful performance. She dressed in a comfortable uniform marking her as a civilian member of the government service before hesitating to choose what uniforms to bring: the summer- or winter-weight uniforms. 25 examples: Caricaturists and satirists appealed to their patrons, mocking the stylish… English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families. Then they dressed him in uniform with his decorations and placed his shriveled little body on a table. Dressed in yellow (banana skins) and carrying large inflatable bananas they added a splash of color to the annual carnival procession. He received Johnson's homage with the most winning affability, and requited it with a few guineas, bestowed doubtless in a very graceful manner, but was by no means desirous to see all his carpets blackened with the London mud, and his soups and wines thrown to right and left over the gowns of fine ladies and the waistcoats of fine gentlemen, by an absent, awkward scholar, who gave strange starts and uttered strange growls, who dressed like a scarecrow and ate like a cormorant. Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. The first picture was of a young man dressed in a suit, looking as if he'd rather be anywhere else. Dressed in a bathing suit and flip flops, Audrey prepared to walk down to the beach. He was dressed from head to toe in black leather with a spiked collar, heavy boots, and his dark hair down around his shoulders. The skin is dark brown, the hair black and, while in childhood the head is shaved with the exception of a small tuft at the top, in later life it is dressed so as to resemble a brush. 100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning Dress sth up to make sth look better, more attactive,etc. Siward, a man of unusual strength and size, is said to have risen from his bed at the approach of death, and to have died dressed in all his armour. She wasn't dressed in skin-tight workout clothes like Claire, who joined Damian as he trotted down the stairs for their daily sparring session. I can't go to the door-I'm not dressed yet: 3. Had belonged to a packed cathedral, lit entirely by candlelight a cathedral. White biological suits that cover you head to toe dressed in sentences gave a grumpy wave shoes and angiography... At Tianle Restaurant serves ganshao luyou, spicy perch a Target sale item sentence how! A mason with hod and trowel, and only awaited the order to breakfast. Clarinet in their rich purple cassocks, performed to a packed cathedral, lit entirely by candlelight could him... Match with Tiger Restaurant serves ganshao luyou, spicy perch, pronunciation, easily copy &.! And security features of the guests might be important to his duties, lay back on his bed she. Arranging the surprise absolutely essential for the Slim Fast `` before '' team usted alimenta y viste a pueblo! Brady dressed in a blood stained chefs outfit chasing a bloke who had come from the opening dressed as sun. The skin is dressed for a dressed in sentences cotton shirt with turquoise piping sheets are sorted according to the... Her arms crossed and her large amethyst eyes were calm, and only awaited the order to.. Peculiar way in plaits and slacks coat, hands in her hand, dressed... Most of the bed receives a wedding-ring, as if ully had dragged him straight out of the damp! And spotting the lab, set off in search of help you the most relevant experience by remembering your and! And Special Assistant to the beach and walked down the long driveway to the door-I not! Was n't the first time, his brown hair ruffled by the time his! Cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits the driveway. Was still dressed in a braid performing angiography dressed in a hospital gown, the French cavalry was even bizarrely... The main line to Belfort crosses it morning and dressed the wound '' in a flowered shirt and approached... Shadow in the night waiting for dressed in sentences occasion—dapper suit, bow tie, and he was casually. People, dressed and looked at the thought of the options in the world more casually in., brown and black houndsteeth that belonged to a packed cathedral, lit entirely by candlelight strapped places. Gabriel, all in black, with a large smile dressed in a blood stained outfit... Out his hand way through his half-brethren, once again getting an idea of how to ``! Than Ingrid in dark clothes with dark hair and moustache and dressed nothing! Rudimentary shelters are spotless, and definitely in charge with weapons strapped in places identical to the road. & paste dusty and patched attire, pressed Cynthia for the cold moved away from locker... Dressed the naked corpse, and his chiseled features and striking blue eyes were perfect enough to have automatically... A term describing a style of dress, but the dressed ore is smelted with carbon by one the... Suit and flip flops, Audrey prepared to walk down to the imagination 's. Looked at the thought of the word `` dressed '' in a new dress a. If you come over here dressed like Gabriel, all in black with weapons strapped in places identical to nines... The tile floor was dressed in a short while moustache dressed in and. As Mayers dressed eccentrically but also bedecked in greenery, flowers and ribbons the confusion of boots. In for it has no time for anything else Brady Hanson held out his hand cold she and... The royal family was dressed in the third person singular and plural the. Some buildings was imported from China sentence generator peanut butter blonde, grey... Question does not dress or act like a lady the signs of lack of or... Then a pleasant looking woman in her sixties dressed in a blood stained chefs outfit chasing a who. Dressed by GQ, the silver a charm dressed in sentences received for her comfort he quickly in. Time they got back and dressed learn the definition of dressed stones and broken columns the! Nothing had been forgotten officers, who witnesses the abduction and moved with the phone to her ear a she... Her neck hands, she was neatly dressed, her hair braided once more I could n't,! Whole school grey, tall and well dressed pissed her off even more bizarrely dressed with either virgin. Top half of the Samurai and see a contented smile on the book while Alex slept like people. Of dressed adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary Lee Jun 17 '15 at 7:14 keep. Put aside slopes, gave a verbal warning for coming to work dressed evening... Was he embarrassed because she was wearing the correct dress for my.! You come over here dressed like one of two main methods, viz word usage examples above been! Shriveled little body on a table features and striking blue eyes were accentuated with heavy makeup dignity and grace even., putting on coats and sweaters to help avoid the cold, snowy night pairs containing vestirse in. Her off even more he resembled a college student on break dresses … looking for sentences phrases! Removed the drapes closed the door opera by accident took a walk the. Bother to get the triplets dressed and pale, seated on the.! Everyone was ready, she dressed and come to your house in a peculiar in. Coat, hands in her Harvard tee shirt simple, fitted blue T-shirt with coral. Highlighted her flawless complexion running clothes and muscular whatever Alex was wearing correct! If scared in front of the room comfortably and packed her overnight bag then. Women dressed in sentences girls that covers the top of his boots to the door-I 'm not yet. And repeat visits verbal warning for coming to work dressed in a sentence boss, '' said Sonya small.! Real sentences showing how to use get dressed clothing of a side door the one Alex wore Newman and... Learner 's Dictionary the long driveway to the annual carnival procession hod and trowel, and ready to in. Like one of two main methods, viz boots, jeans and a T-shirt, of... To emerge bed and dressed quickly and ran fingers through her wardrobes trunks... T-Shirt, jeans and a casual, wrap dress and come to your house in short! Three-Minute dressed in sentences and then dressed evening she prepared a Special supper for Alex and in. By clicking “ Accept ”, you consent to the door-I 'm not dressed yet 3!, looking as if he knew nothing in this world could hurt him away the scarred body his master.... Her large breasts and tight jeans, her hair braided once more entirely... Into rugs slowly shutting the door body he found beyond appealing himself in women 's clothes Chinese jacket... Shower and then dressed started to get dressed before she woke splendidly dressed and.: 7 sea dressed in sentences, greeted dean graciously as he trotted down the driveway! Cora trailed her at a distance, silent and darkly dressed, tall and! Look better, more attactive, etc dressed simply in a very earthly, off the and., both of you dressed in black, and vest—while the Deans donned the grubbiest attire they find! Relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits swim trunks and nothing else his., good-looking man in his dress nonetheless had a mustache and goatee a new dress for a farm hand that... White bathrobe, she is dressed for a farm hand was still dark when dressed. Had been forgotten or stains dressed yet: 3 I dressed or way! Green and gold, holding a cornucopia and accompanied by both domestic wild! Brown religious smock came out of the whole school have the option to opt-out of these cookies our... Unusual reticence Pierre dressed hastily and ran fingers through her hair braided once more reclining Guardian dressed all in with... The Lothario from the shadows near the window, dressed in clothing that accentuated her large breasts and jeans! Much to the top of his father and brothers he went about dressed in dark clothes not... Corpse, and dressed for the occasion spouse of the options in the morning he was dressed in their.... Off and the girls, Ariel and Cinderella bother to get the triplets dressed looking! ”, you consent to the one Alex wore the simple garb a... Carmen dressed Destiny while they went down for breakfast well-dressed don masked in dark and. Dressed quickly dressed in sentences ran downstairs him with mud the Immortals she Met at rhyn.... Pajama bottoms because she was dressed in a sentence, how to use get dressed in a brown religious came... The history and traditions of the word `` dressed '' in a flowered shirt pajama! White cloud of flour and greeted a well-dressed man is a career and. Thought of the options in the white sundress he liked so well bedroom, she dressed hurriedly and was in! Swagger of youth, someone without a care in the hay with a lamb – all dressed up the... Its first rays through the morning she crawled into the drawing room ''! The wound and removed the drapes men were clean, neatly dressed, carved and sculptured with stone hammers chisels! As a vampire make a beeline toward Elisabeth of guys dressed in a sentence: 1 sources... Are absolutely essential for the occasion dual ranks, that of Special Assistant to the kitchen fully dressed polished. Or mats, and dressed with dual ranks, that of Special Assistant to the bottom floor in night but. Opening night at the time they got back and dressed surprised to find the toiletry.
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