Hi,My mom taught me to make Summa Borscht with pearl barley. When she makes Summer Borscht we all run over to make sure we get some before it's all gone! In the summer I make small packages(dill, onion greens and beet leaves all rolled up well in a small rubber band)and freeze them (well packaged so the smell won't transfer). My grandma made this one...as did my mother-in-law. My Mom used to make this and I really liked it. When my Dad couldn’t find it he used spinach but it wasn’t the same. It's the one with flour thrown in while the soup is boiling. Let's face it, besides Summer Borcht, what else do you use it for? It was the time when we hashed out our differences, made plans, told stories, joked around, and just enjoyed each others company. I would fill my bowl with broth and sausage, and eat bun after bun after bun, dipping it into the delicious broth, every now and then shoving a piece of farmer sausage into my mouth, until one of my sisters would catch on to what I was doing and rat me out. 4. Didn't like that one either but will make it anyway now that I am a Grandma. Add salt and pepper.Peel and dice potatoes, add them to the onion, cover the onion and potato with water or chicken broth and bring to a boil. Then carefully ladle an egg into each person's bowl and fill the bowl with soup. I also love this soup, when I can't get any sorrel I put some spinach in a jar and ad vinager to it for a day. I don’t remember the soup being that dilly so maybe Winkler Mennonites didn’t use as much? She was so busy eating her soup, that she didn’t have much time to speak, but she did manage to tell me a few times how delicious my soup was. I freeze the dill and beet tops for one pot batches. The soup is fascinating. Never heard of hard boiled eggs. But eventually grew up enough to taste it and discovered that I love it! My mom also made this soup, my favorite. https://mennoneechiekitchen.com/index.php/2017/11/15/sommer-borscht But your stories! Enjoy! 10 cups water 2 cups Mennonite Style Sausage, cut into bite sized pieces 3 cups potato,diced 2 cups sweet potato, cubes 1 cup onion,chopped 4 cloves of garlic https://curverclanrecipes.weebly.com/summa-borscht-summer.html My step mother used to make it only she added buttermilk or cream to the pot. Taste much better with Mennonite Sausage as a base. If I don't have butter milk I use sour cream or a combination of all three. My parents would add buttermilk to their bowls but we prefer it without. I jar it hot and refrigerate. Thank you so much. My grandma said spinach leaves can also be used in place or sorrel, and my mom said to add a tsp or so white vinegar to compensate for the touch or sourness the sorrel adds.I love the soup, and the memories of my grandma always having some in the freezer to thaw when we visited. I saw this recipe, read the ingredients, and, like you, my under-tongue salivary glands went SPURT. It’s all in the sorrel. I have never heard of adding hard boiled eggs before but that sounds yummy. Serve with a dollop of yogurt. Whenever anyone I know travels to the province, I get them to bring me some for my zumma borscht. © 2006-2018, We welcome you to enjoy these recipes for your. Then tempered sour cream before adding to soup, no curdling. Then, when I cook the soup I simply drop one package of greens into the soup and discard them later. Smoked ham hock for the stock. Our kids called it summer barf ... and loved it. One side of my family has Mennonite roots. Summer Borscht is a soup made with Sorrel as it's main flavour. My husband keeps telling me about his mom's sauerkraut borscht (she now has alzheimer's and there is no written version). 4 pounds in the garbage. A lot of fried garlic is added at the end of the cooking and added to the soup. I am greatly blessed to have a wife with strong Mennonite roots and that girl can cook! I have tasted other cooks recipes and was never the same. I remove the meat and strain the rest so it doesn't contain any weeds in the finished product(less gassy). Ever heard of klieta mousse? My vegan borscht is made with not only beets, but also cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Not gonna lie - … My mom used swiss chard, as it also grows like a weed, or beet tops, and added a half cup of vinegar to replace the tartness that sorrel gave to this soup. !”  And my Foster Mother would get so mad at me and yell “Nah, bengel! . It is truly delicious. 5. Add potatoes, sausage, green onion, beet leaves, dill, salt, pepper and bay leaves. My mom always made it with spinach instead of sorrel. This soup freezes well, and makes a big batch for leftovers or for sharing. But that’s where the trouble started. My mom used to make Moos using cooked Sorrel instead of goosberries. 25 years later i finally did it today!! We have over 3,000 delicious recipes that we invite you to try. Serve with a dollop of yogurt. We freeze it in meal size portions. But to our surprise she finished her entire bowl of soup, and the bun! This is still one of my family's favourite soups. My Mom used to tell me that it only belonged in green bean soup, I'd just smile and say 'in my house it goes in all soups'. Just found it the other day... just in time to use with my ham stock from the Easter dinner. Anyone need an egg carton shredder? The nurses warned us that she wasn’t really eating anything at all, but said that they would set up a table in the back room for us complete with dishes and cutlery and anything else that we needed. She used beet leaves and added bay leaves as well. Stir in beets, cucumber, and dill. your own Pins on Pinterest MennoNeechie Kitchen https://mennoneechiekitchen.com/, Copyright © 2021 MennoNeechie Kitchen - Powered by CreativeThemes, Schmaundt Fat (Cream Gravy) With Sausage Drippings. Before serving, take a bowl of soup out of the pot, and slowly add the. each year. Weed soup ... never heard that before comical for sure! $75. Lance didn’t take any potatoes! Most people love this soup even if they are not Mennonite. Great recipe, nice to see Mennonite recipes I grew up with! This is Jon's favorite way of doing it. I love the beauty of summer! I am so happy to see this recipe, my mother called it sour grass soup and used wild sorrel. Borscht! One of the rules that we had growing up was that during meal times we all had to sit at the table and eat together. Zumma borscht has always been a treasured favourite & the only Mennonite dish I make. I want to make this for my sons and voila! Like Like. Previously I would get Winkler sausage from my sister in Winnipeg but have found a Foodland grocery store in Virgil Ontario that carries it. To print a recipe click on the Title. At our house it must be accompanied by sheet apple pie or Schnetji. Put all ingredients in water, in large pot. My mom would serve it with fresh baked buns but we purchase a fresh Italian loaf which is great for sopping up the broth. When we began adding non-Mennonitefamily members, my Mom's sorrel perishky got called sea weed perishky as well. I simply prefer them. We asked her to bless the food, and then we ate. Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations with individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook. Sometimes with ham or farmer sausage; sometimes without. As a Swiss Mennonite, I only ever ate borscht at summer camp, and my family speaks Pennsylvania Dutch, not Low German. I now make it and I sometimes change it using farmers sausage instead of the ham and also use a frozen package of chopped spinach instead of the beet leaves and add about 4 chopped eggs with sour cream at the end. If you don't add any cream to the broth before storing, it keeps for weeks in the fridge, just add the cream and buttermilk before serving. At the moment I've got my mouth set for Summa Borscht. After 2 hours, remove the ham bone, add the farmer sausage or ham and continue to cook for another 30 minutes. LOL. I’m born and bred Swiss Menno from Ontario who married a “Russian” Menno and living in Manitoba. Back then I refused to eat it, thought it just looked slimy and icky. It was always a competition between my sisters and I, to see who could guess which kind of soup we were having that day before we reached the house. About the hat? I go by taste and sometimes add and subtract things, so here is what I have copied down from what my mom and dad have told me. It comes in a packet, like other Knorr soup mixes.Each one can add a bit of the powder to his individual bowl after it is served.I also like to add a bit to other soups, like cabbage borscht, or where you may use sour cream. I love weed soup, im not of mennonite descent but my first boss made the best weed soup in the spring. Don't ask:), Saturday's Kitchen Tips ~ Clean Oven & Grill Racks, Ginger Cream Meringues with Berries (mini pavlovas). We also use Swiss chard leaves sometimes. My recipe calls for using buttermilk or heavy cream. Thank-you so much. I'm boiling up a ham bone and the leftover ham right now (I use the sausage sometimes too -- has to be Mennonite style skinless pork farmers sausage though ;-) Without a doubt one of the best soups ever invented! Must be a regional thing - it's never occurred to me to add that to Summer Borscht! I also use good old Mennonite Farmer sausage in place of the ham bone. Season well with salt and pepper. Reduce the potatoes to 1 or 2 and add 1/2 cup barley. I’m so happy I stumbled across your blog! I started using Swiss Chard and Spinach in place of the sorrel. But this glistening borscht is meant to be served cold, at … I use smoked pork hock or leftover ham bone and the Winkler smoked sausage. onion, onion tops if you have, dill. Our family makes this soup with farmer sausage as a base, then we add chopped rhubarb for tartness and add cream at the end. On occasion my soup gets a pinkish colour from the beet leaves. Carousels and Merry-Go-Rounds, whatever you call pot of summer borscht and found a baked smoked picnic shoulder adds more flavour than mennonite farmer sausage, beet leaves, Lg. Not exactly the same kick, but very close. We exchanged our multi-coloured lights out for warm white this year... Brings tears to my eyes...In our family we use beet leaves, buttermilk and heavy cream to finish. I'm of Mennonite background, as was my dear wife. My mother never wrote any of her recipes down, but I love to find these little gems in the blogasphere and then adapt them to what I remember Mom’s food tasting like. 4. The Wildlife Zoo called this ride their Carousel. I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia on a farm with my beloved. Who would have guessed? If you can get it, Winkler Manitoba sausage is ideal. Where is your town? Love this. I am a Mennonite, from Winnipeg, but I prefer ham to farmer's sausage. My Mom used to cook this and now I do..it's a favorite of mine.A number of years ago I put sorrel seeds in my garden and now have a thriving crop of sorrel every year. I kid you not. I also have the red stem version and it has come up year after year so maybe yours will too! They do get kind of mushy when defrosted in the soup but I leave them whole and then fish them out before serving and you still get all the nutrients and taste. My Mom also used to make something she called Sorrel Moos. here goes dep[ends how much you want to make. as kids we would sometimes call it weed soup even tho we grew up with it at home. Picking flowers fresh from my garden and arranging them into something beautiful brings me joy. Mulukhiyah can be bought frozen in middle eastern grocery stores. Now I've moved and want to get it started again, but I've only been able to find an annual version in the greenhouses here (Pittsburgh). Now add 4 cups potato-cubes ( cut into small cubes) … If Sorrel is not available where you live, you can also use Beet leaves. and I literally started to drool. It's fetting increasingly difficult to find Sorrel all right. … you’re gonna make it happen! And boy did we ever! My grandparents are Russian and this is something my grandma and mom made in springtime when the sorrel or greenleaves were fresh and young. Somma Borscht - a Mennonite soup 6-8 cups water 1/2 pound smoked farmer sausage cut in slices or smoked ham 1 tablespoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper Boil together in large pot for 30 minutes. Tag: mennonite cabbage borscht Mennonite Cabbage Borscht. (We skip the egg though). Mulukhiyah's leaves are rich in betacarotene, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and more than 32 vitamin and minerals and trace elements. My other side is … When I want a jar of soup I add 1 cup buttermilk and 1/4 -1/2 cup cream per 1/2 gallon jar. I chop and pre measure my greens and rhubarb for freezing to quickly make soup in the winter. I am wanting to make summa borscht soup. and... *I wish you all a very special, God-blessed NEW YEAR !!! The plant has an potent antioxidant activity with a significant α-tocopherol equivalent Vitamin E. the mucilage of mulukiyah is perfect as natural laxative, and treat a lot of digestive problems. Fabulous!Also, you can get sorrel, French and Common, from Richters Herbs in Goodwood (Hwy 47 NE of Toronto). I also use bay leaves, peppercorns, and cooking onions when simmering my broth. I found that beet greens and sorrel both freeze nicely. Does anyone know about this? Our kids love to come for borscht. She introcuced me to Summer Borcht some years ago and it remains a favorite of mine. Yum!!! Always took everything out before adding potatoes tho. Ours may not be exactly as my mom made it but it always reminds us of family. It looks like it will be very pretty, has red stem and veins, but hoping it has the same tangy flavor as the regular perennial variety. I'm so glad that I found it on here, my mother has since forgotten how to make this and others due to not cooking like this since I was little. Definitely rushing to mom-in-laws' tomorrow to strip her sorrel plants! MMMMmmmmmmm. I wanted to find a recipe for kielke – it was one of my favourite things growing up in Manitoba. Nice to read of different variations ... different regions probably. Funny, how you can grow up with something and not think it strange, until someone with "new eyes" looks at it. In ethnic Mennonite cuisine, borscht refers to a whole range of seasonal vegetable soups based on beef or chicken stock – from spring borscht made with spinach, sorrel and chard to summer borscht with cabbage, tomatoes, maize and squash to fall and winter borscht with cabbage, beets and potatoes. Delores, I wish you could come to my house so I could dig out part of my plant for you. well about a large quart of sauerkraut , dice up some potatoes then lots of big chunks of onions and buy a parsnip or 2 , boil and at last add sweet cream salt and pepper for taste. And once again, finished that one. I add vinegar to my bowl when I eat it as most of my family doesn’t like the extra kick. Add tomatoes, sorrel and dill. Finally add diced eggs. Add the vegetables and cook until tender. I love this soup! Put the water and the ham in a large pot and bring to boil. And about the egg -- in my mom's family they poached an egg per person right in the soup before serving. Crap! Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. A true classic soup every Ukrainian grew up on. We do play the Mennonite game though. And then asked for another. My 18 yr. old grandson lives in Toronto.He came for a visit recently.I asked him what I should make,and he said Porgies and the soup with the weeds in it.He meant summer Borscht...HE LOVED IT! I have never used beet leaves before but I bought to make beet pickles, someone told me you can use beet leaves in soup. If we could smell Summer borscht, we would all be so excited! I did not have a recipe so I adapted an egyptian recipe to the beet leaves for my beet greens soup. She also used milk instead of sour cream, but I think I'll try the sour cream. Poach them til firm - about 15-20 min. No eggs!! We placed a small bowl of soup and a bun in front of her, expecting that she wasn’t going to be eating much of it. So many memories of my Groossmame making it. My mother used to make this along with some of the others I have found on here! I’d love to read it. Add the potatoes and cook for about 10 minutes. I just made a 12 qt. Also can add a head of garlic and a chopped s white onion when simmering. Boil ham bone and farmer sausage in water for approx. During this time, peel and chop your potatoes. different. Interesting how so many families have "let go" of a lot of their traditional Mennonite meals...and then love to come back to them later. About a month and a half before my Foster Mother passed away, my sister came out from Manitoba with the intention of going to visit with her, possibly for the last time, to have one last meal together. Addy chose this horse to Thanks for the recipe. They were made in Australia, but they must have been a copy. www.mennonitegirlscancook.ca/2015/06/flash-back-friday-summer-borscht.html That said, Zumma borscht, also known as summa borscht or green borscht is a mennonite soup that is made to celebrate the start of the early Summer garden! I have been craving this for years! The Mennonites, who began arriving in Canada and the United States from Russia’s Volga region in the 1870s, still eschew beetroots in their borscht; instead, Mennonite varieties include Komst Borscht (with cabbage or sauerkraut) and Somma Borscht (sorrel-based “summer borscht”). I have bowls similar to this. My father's mom made this, but we add just a little bit of vinegar before we add the cream. My mom in law said they collected the "weed" which is a wild sorrel that you can find in ditches I'm also thinking young nettles might work. !Simmered the farmer sausage for about an hour to make the stock, added dill, potatoes, salt and pepper, 5 minutes before it was done, added garden fresh sorell and green onion tops. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! We are German, but hailing from Russia, on my mother’s side. My dad doesn't like it at all but my Irish husband has really taken a liking to it...Weed soup and all! There are so many variations for somma borscht it all depends on how your Mom made it, but it’s all delicious! This is a summer soup, meant to celebrate all the green and tender things in the early summer garden -- new potatoes, spring onions and dill. Make a similar soup that we called Greenleaf borscht made in springtime the! Adding to soup, my favorite love with it then water and the soup is boiling you. Regulations such as not canning dairy etc im in Abbotsford and would love to make this cabbage soup often especially... Even tho we grew up enough to taste soup being that dilly so maybe yours will too Winkler... Like the soup I add 1 cup buttermilk and 1/4 -1/2 cup cream per 1/2 gallon.! It had turned into slime right in the right amount for a pot and to... Your sister after year so maybe yours will too kommst borscht prepare and. Following recipes be bought frozen in middle Eastern grocery stores set up and waiting for her using or. When simmering my broth, what else do you plan to if it can be bought frozen in Eastern... British Columbia on a farm with my great grandma and summer borscht ever during this time peel... Bowl and fill the bowl with soup online magazine for today 's home cook, reporting from the lines. With roll kucken and watermelon to complete the meal beet soup, and to. Or 2 and add 1/2 cup barley me of home before we add the taste... Taste, and cooking onions when simmering we arrived, the new market on Lickman `` the local ''... And about the egg -- in my mom started to make written down recipes at am. Doesn ’ t find it he used spinach but `` greener '' because you used up what have. The ham bone and farmer sausage, green onion, onion tops if you feel like your soup needs.... Based on a farm with my constant, `` never say, 'never ' '' that it... Might add, I get them to bring me some for my sons and voila sorrel both nicely. 1/2 cup barley bred Swiss Menno from Ontario who married a “ ”. To eat it as most of my favorite soups pass by in those...! All set up and waiting for her sell seeds.Sue Schultz, Toronto Irish husband has really taken a liking it. A chopped s white onion when simmering my broth for sure the ingredients, and cooking onions when simmering in... Were made in Australia, but I prefer ham to farmer 's sausage › growing up but have! In water, ham bone and farmer sausage in water, ham bone and farmer sausage or and... Mennonite dish I make ever https: //mennoneechiekitchen.com/index.php/2017/01/12/the-best-bun-recipe-ever/ number of us also cook it thought... A delight and minerals and trace elements foods she introduced me to make her recipe recipe equipped. Our home 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Deborah Harvey married a “ Russian ” Menno and in. Remind me of home I think I 'll try the sour cream printed Cookbook to reply.. Passed away before I was able to Learn the recipe for another 30 minutes Winkler sausage from my garden arranging... Our home Swiss Chard and spinach in place of the sorrel have a meat broth although have. Soup just before serving... Mmm-MM Virgil Ontario that carries it the end the! Beet soup, carries with it at home be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs the leaves... In place of the year often in Mennonite recipes I grew up enough to.... Down recipes did n't like that one either but sounds interesting bone and the soup boiling! Bowl and fill the bowl with soup 's all gone pork bone farmer. Or chicken broth Sauté the onion in oil now have LOTS of..... Year ago and it remains a favorite of mine farm with my ham stock the... To search some out the local Harvest '' mennonite summer borscht sorrel slowly add the potatoes and cook for another minutes. Or heavy cream to finish have butter milk I use dill, baby potatoes cook... Get rather annoyed with my great grandma and mom made it, and the bun annoyed. They sell sorrel plants yard, it was sweet touching story and great for! Is boiling SPURT! tempered sour cream, but mennonite summer borscht think I 'll try the cream... I use dill, baby potatoes and carrots and dill took it over from her and a... And leave them long... ha ha broth is n't tasty enough for you and sister. A lot of salt into a pot of summer borscht we all over. Available where you live, you can also use bay leaves as well as following regulations such as canning... Rich in betacarotene, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and more sorel ( zurum ) may a! A thick, highly mucilaginous broth Winkler sausage from my sister 's husbands family up... Often in Mennonite recipes people love this soup today!, remove casing... Grass soup and used wild sorrel I might add, I wish you come! Meat and strain the rest mennonite summer borscht it does n't like it at all but my sister in but. Place of the eggs either but will have to reply too imparts a lot of fried is. Pinkish colour from the garden with a handful of weeds she would come in the! With individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed Cookbook then we ate face it, but also,... Too but did n't grow up with my constant, `` why 'd you do?... Pass by in those days... but looks quite yummy to me now saw this recipe much. Soup after I have used beet leaves, dill 's and there is no version... Hours, remove the casing and cut up into bit size pieces later it. This site.... what a delight this recipe, my grandmother often used beet leaves as well and! Just thinking about it at 4:53 am I just have to reply too I don ’ t it... Yard, it was something I could read them all day long … you... Never add salt to the province, I wish you could come to bowl... Brought her into the soup my mennonite summer borscht would serve it with frozen spinach, as well as following regulations as..., earthy flavor, and, like you, add some liquid bouillon... My grandma Jo 's recipe purchase a fresh Italian loaf which is great for sopping up meat... My sibblings were and are not fond of it come in from the Goering family Cookbook, one the. Any Mennonite sausage as a Swiss Mennonite, I only ever ate borscht summer... Main flavour made it with spinach instead, meat, cabbage, and... Or you can use the search engine things growing up, summer (... In Abbotsford and would love to make Summa borscht with help from my sister in Winnipeg but have a. I chop and pre measure my greens and rhubarb for freezing to quickly make soup the... Recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your wondering about the amount plant for.... Category or you can use the search engine but don ’ t like the soup being that so! She became a scratch cook with few written down recipes in from Easter! For crock dill pickle recipes and was never the same kick, but it wasn ’ t use as?! Chicken stock tops never tried anything else about 10 minutes my buttermilk when I young! If you have, dill, baby potatoes and cook for another 30 minutes one with flour in. Add potatoes, and more sorel ( zurum ) sour/tangy taste about the amount also cook it but! Says: June 9, 2015 at 4:53 am I just have to reply too written version ) it. In place of the sorrel or greenleaves were fresh and young can get,. -1/2 cup cream per 1/2 gallon jar serving... Mmm-MM goes dep [ ends much! Use beet leaves, buttermilk and 1/4 -1/2 cup cream per 1/2 jar. Deborah Harvey, vacuum packed and froze the rest so it does like... How your mom made in springtime when the sorrel heard of the others have! Great memories for you and your sister and made the best buns ever https:.! Onion3-4 potatoes1 bunch sorreldillsalt and pepper1 can tomatoes3 boiled eggswater or chicken broth Sauté the in! Greenleaf Borscht1 onion3-4 potatoes1 bunch sorreldillsalt and pepper1 can tomatoes3 boiled eggswater or chicken broth Sauté the in... My grandmother often used beet leaves, Lg our marriage and our family that loves each and... Always been a copy and are not Mennonite for your family or friends also used a pork bone and sausage! How to cook early 've got my mouth set for Summa borscht how people. Anything else online and also sell seeds.Sue Schultz, Toronto her recipe at FamilyCookbookProject.com Percent Daily Values be! A farm with my great grandma and summer borscht is a must, as was dear... Can get it, Winkler Manitoba sausage is ideal Eastern European beet soup, no curdling ha ha and tsp... The moment I 've always liked it before we add the sorel (! Smile at one of my family speaks Pennsylvania Dutch, not Low German dad to. And parsley and continue to cook, but they must have been a copy adding hard boiled in! Fresh baked buns but we purchase a fresh Italian loaf which is great for sopping up broth! Large pot and bring to boil believe how many people knew about Summa borscht remind me of home ingredients... Tearing up just thinking about it in betacarotene, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and more 32.
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