M 51

M 51 – Whirpool Galaxy

26.05.2011 00:30 to 26.05.2009 03:30
29.05.2011 23:50 to 30.05.2011 03:10
Ambient conditions: 10°C, transparency 4/5, seeing 4/5, hazy atmosphere
Location: Germany

Telescope: Deltagraph 300mm f/3.3
Mount: GM2000QCI
Camera: SXVF-M25C
Guiding scope: Orion short tube 80mm f/5
Guiding camera: ATIK 16IC
Filters: IDAS LPS

Software: Maxim DL 5
FOV, Image scale: 62.5 x 54.8 arcmin, 1.62 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 4 h 35 m (55 x 5 min) light frames
Calibration: 50 bias, 50 x 20 ms EL Flats

Maxim DL 5: Calibration, SDMask stacking
CS3: Curves & Levels, Carboni´s Actions, Smart Sharp on galaxy area, luminance mask saturation, Noiseware Professional.

This is not an ideal object for my resolution, but the result is acceptable. The picture was taken one day before the supernova appeared in the bottom arm.

Download full size image:

Filename: galaxies/m51_2011-05-29_full.png
Filesize: 4239538 Kb
Download limit: unlimited



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