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NGC 6888

NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula

28.09.2011 23:10 to 29.09.2011 02:15
29.09.2011 21:35 to 29.09.2011 23:55
Ambient conditions: 15°C, transparency 4/5, seeing 4/5
Location: Trier, Germany

Telescope: Deltagraph 300mm f/3.3
Mount: GM2000QCI
Guiding: TMB 92 SS f/5.5 with ATIK 16 IC-S
Camera: SXVF-M25C
Filter: Hutech LPS

Software: MaximDL 5
FOV, Image scale: 62.5 x 54.8 arcmin, 1.62 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 4h 40m (28 x 10min) lights
Calibration frames: 30 x 10s EL flats. Masterbias

MaximDL 5: Calibration, SDMask stacking
Images Plus 3.75: Digital Development, Star Size Reduction
CS5: Curves and levels adjustments, slight Smart Sharpen

Download full size image:

Filename: nebulae/ngc6888-2_2011-09-29_full.jpg
Filesize: 6423038 Kb
Download limit: unlimited


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