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NGC 3372

NGC 3372 - Carina Nebula

Date: 12.03.2013
Location: Salvador, Brazil

Telescope: FSQ106EDX f/5
Mount: ASA DDM60
Autoguiding: No
Cameras: QHY8Pro and SXVF-H36
Filter: IDAS LPS P2 and Astronomik IR/UV

Software: Maxim DL 5
FOV, Image scale: 153 x 101 arcmin, 3.02 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 50 min (10 x 5min) RGB + 60 min (12 x 5min) luminance
Calibration frames: Darks, Flats and Bias

Maxim DL 5: Calibration, SDMask stacking
CCDStack: Alignment of RGB and luminance frames
Images Plus: DDP
CS5: Composite L-RGB, Curves and Levels


Download full size image:

Filename: nebulae/ngc3372_2013-03-12_full.jpg
Filesize: 6396234 Kb
Download limit: unlimited


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