About us

Welcome to ADM-Astronomy. This site was created in January 2009 with the aim of sharing
our recent astrophotography experience with other enthusiasts. Although Astronomy has
been our hobby since the early 80´s, the first contacts with Astrophotography began in 2007.

Our backyard observatories are located in Germany and Brazil, so you will see objects from
both hemispheres. Presently we are using two main systems for prime focus photography,
a C 11 with Hyperstar and a QHY8Pro (Brazil) and a Deltagraph with a SXVF-M25C (Germany).

You will also find older photos with some APO refractors (TMB 92 SS and TMB 130 SS) and
with the OSC cameras ST-4000XCM and a Starlight Xpress SVX-H9C.

The first area of this site is a typical photo gallery, where you can enjoy the images  
of nebulae, galaxies, clusters and solar system objects. We recommend to install the free
Coliris plug-in for a wonderful gallery experience.

In the second part you'll have access to some information on aquisition and processing
techniques for each image, so please feel free to make your critical comments and suggestions
on the foreseen area. You can also download the displayed image or the original .tif file
if wished.   

This site is in an early development stage, so we apologize for some incoveniences.

We hope you´ll enjoy our photos and would be glad to have your critical feedback.  

Admilson Pinto, Trier (Germany)
Amilton Pinto, Salvador (Brazil)

September, 2011