IC 434 – The Horsehead Nebula

Date/time: 09.01.2009 22:32 to 10.01.2009 00:33
Az./Alt. positions: 172° / 37° to 209° / 33° 
Ambient conditions: -15°C, transparency 5/5, seeing 3/5,
Full Moon, Moonset at 07:30
Location: Trier, Germany

Telescope: TMB 92 SS f/5.5 with TSFlat
Mount: CGE guided through a SCT 8” with ST-4000XCM
Camera: ATIK 16 IC-S monochrome
Filters: Baader H- 7nm

Software: ArtemisCapture and CCDSoft V5
FOV, Image scale: 29.2 x 37,8 arcmin, 3,01 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 1 1/2 hours (9 x 10min) lights at 1:1
60 x 1s EL flats

Calibration, stacking and DDP in Images Plus 3.75,
Curves, levels adjustments, and sharpening in CS3, noise reduction
with Carbonis Actions

Some flexure was present, so guiding was not perfect. Very good S/N ratio,
considering the strong shining full Moon.


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