M 42


M 42 – Great Orion Nebula


Date/time: 20.01.2009 19:34 to 20.01.2009 23:26
Az./Alt. positions: 136° / 25° to 203° / 32°
Ambient conditions: -5°C, transparency 5/5, seeing 4/5,
Location: Trier, Germany

Telescope: TMB 92 SS f/5.5 with TSFlat
Mount: CGE, selfguided with ST-4000XCM
Camera: SBIG ST-4000XCM
Filter: IDAS LPS

Software: CCDSoft V5
FOV, Image scale: 100.9 x 100.9 arcmin, 3,01 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 3h 10min (10 x 10min + 10 x 5min + 20 x 2min) lights at –35°C
44 x 10min, 33 x 5min, 100 x 2min  darks
40 x 0.5s EL flats at –35°C
50 bias at –35°C for flats calibration

Calibration, stacking and DDP in Images Plus 3.75,
mask composite image, curves, levels and sharpening in CS3,
noise reduction with Carbonis Actions,
color enhancement using Gabany method under CS3,
green cast elimination with Pixinsight LE 1.0. 

Download full size image:

Filename: nebulae/m42_2009-01-20_full.jpg
Filesize: 1886761 Kb
Download limit: unlimited


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