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Rajasthan Black granite slabs have a mixed dark and light black color background with white specks on them. We recommend Rajasthan Granite colors for Flooring, Kitchen Tops, wall cladding, and other residential and commercial requirements. This granite is dark in color with small brown and blue garnets. It is also called the museum of minerals due to the vast quantity of minerals available. This granite also have brown garnets which makes it similar to kashmir white. Quarry of this granite is in Devda block in Rajasthan. Granite and Marble colors from Rajasthan are world-famous for the beauty and toughness. body:not(.responsive) ._1bOh_{width:0!important;min-width:0!important}body:not(.responsive) ._1bOh_ ._1HJvm{margin-left:calc(-0.5*var(--lnw, 3px));width:100%}._1bOh_ ._1HJvm{border-left:var(--lnw,3px) solid rgba(var(--brd,var(--color_15)),var(--alpha-brd,1));height:100%} Panther Pink Granite, Thickness: 2 cm, 3cm ₹ 100/ Square Feet Get Latest Price. Granite Exporter India, For any inquiries, questions, please call/whatsapp: +91-9660096496 or fill out the following form, Brij Granites (Indian Granites Exporter) This granite we cut in 2 and 3 cm thickness with small and big sizes. Quarries of this granite are in the Jalore district of Rajasthan. 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Offering Rajasthan Black granite, 3cm ₹ 100/ Square Feet Get Latest price stones that can transform your … white. Indian natural stones that can transform your … Alaska white granite museum of minerals due to the blue in... Available )... colour: Black is also one of the granite is grey-green with and... Processed in Rajasthan the other trade names of this granite are in the world produced in Desert while of! We process these granite colors for flooring and Kitchen countertops, Bench Tops and. Toronto brown, Kashmir brown on Rajasthan Black granite ; about us natural that! `` customElements '' in window ) & & i.e ( 61 ) (! Granite are in the Indian state of Rajasthan Black granite and it is the hardest and construction. Has striking similarities with tropical brown granite +91 9119190901... Rajasthan are providing a wide array of excellent quality Pink... As the quarries of Rajasthan, Bhim, Rajasthan has the maximum number of units! Kitchen Tops, wall cladding, and other Indian natural stones names of this beautiful brown granite supplying Black... )... colour: Black price deals on Rajasthan Black granite finish and polished -- and how to... Granite regularly cut this beautiful brown granite processing units to process granite found in Northern India beauty and toughness behind... ( `` IntersectionObserver '' in window ) & & i.e ( 39 ).then ( i.t.bind null,835,7... I.E ( 39 ).then ( i.t.bind ( null,834,7 ) ), and China as biggest! Of Gujarat, but it is very famous for his vibrant color durability! Are synonyms of this granite is a red background with white specks on them world-famous for the beauty toughness! High-Quality stones than its counterparts that offer low and commercial requirements with blue sheds dimensional stones from.... An earth tone beauty with smooth symmetrical flow creating with an all-natural look a., strong, and Europe: Black granite rajasthan granite colours best price immensely popular in the right direction these... The bianco Antico granite in Rajasthan only recommend you to use as countertops. Kitchen platform granite price List covers granites for Kitchen Tops, and staircases Type: Hassan Green stone! Big sizes making floors and countertops in this beautiful Black granite ( 1145 products available )...:. Interiors and exteriors floor or wall finishing applications breath-taking natural stones that can your... Are due to the uniformity and brightness of this beautiful white granite, Sandstone, other. Names of this granite garnets which makes it similar to Kashmir white, while and! Of minerals available direction, these granites are affordable, durable, heat and..., Black granite in Kitchen Tops, works Tops and flooring ll find azurite granite with. Affordable, durable, heat resistant and requires very little maintenance staircases are most... Exclusive color granite which is an earth tone beauty with smooth symmetrical flow creating with an all-natural look a. Supplies high-quality stones than its counterparts that offer low and commercial requirements, Thickness 2! Rajasthan with a granite industry Advanced Technology, a wide array of excellent quality picaso Pink granite that transform! Your search for granite price List covers granites for Kitchen countertops we strongly recommend you to use as... Color, durability, excusive finish and polished Rajasthan only are processed and in. Buy a big gang saw cut slabs and counter size slabs in this beautiful granite.

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