NGC 7635

NGC 7635 – The Bubble Nebula


Date/time: 18.07.2010 00:30 to 18.07.2010 02:00
Az./Alt. positions:  44° / 50° to 46° / 61°
Ambient conditions: 15°C, transparency 5/5, seeing 5/5
Location: Aach, Germany

Optics: Deltagraph 300mm f/3.3
Mount: CGE
Guiding scope and camera: Orion 80mm f/5 with Atik 16IC
Camera: SXVF-M25C
Filter: IDAS LPS

Software: MaximDL 5
FOV, Image scale: 54.5 x 82.0 arcmin, 1.62 arcs/pixel
Sub-exposures: 1h 40min (20 x 5min) lights with dithering
No dark frames
20 x 0.02s EL flats


MaximDL 5: Calibration and Sigma stacking
Images Plus 3.75: Digital development
CS3: Curves and levels adjustments, Surface blur, GradientXterminator

This is the last test image with the Deltagraph before my next astro holidays in Italy.
Colimation is not yet perfect. Flats with EL sheet worked fine. Anyhow light pollution
gradients had to be treated with GXT.

Download full size image:

Filename: nebulae/m52_2010-07-17_full.jpg
Filesize: 4442589 Kb
Download limit: unlimited




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